Four-tower Golf Course Project Wins Approval – Hallandale

LOGO SILHOUETTEFour-tower golf course project wins approval

By Susannah Bryan Staff writer                  from Sun Sentinel February 5, 2016

   HALLANDALE BEACH   — Four high-rise towers — two standing 30 stories — would bring the Diplomat golf resort back to its former glory, the project’s developer told commissioners late Wednesday.  

City officials agreed, unanimously approving the sprawling $450 million project and granting the developer permission to exceed the neighborhood’s 10-story height limit. Ambitious plans call for a redesigned golf course and marina, renovation of the existing 60-room hotel and an updated tennis center.  

The developer plans to return to City Hall on March 2 for a second and final hearing. The project does not require county or state approval, so city officials have the final say.  

Hollywood’s Louis Bird-man and Mike Meyers, along with Nate Sirang of California-based Concord Wilshire Companies, bought the 104-acre resort for $20 million in 2014.   Their project calls for one 30-story condo tower; three hotel-condo towers that would stand 30, 24 and 20 stories; and four two-story homes.  

The condo tower would have 250 units and be built on 5 acres on the southeastern edge of the 18-hole golf course at 501 Diplomat Parkway. The three condo-hotels would have 938 Diplomat maprooms altogether: 374 rooms in Tower 200, 312 rooms in Tower 300 and 252 rooms in Tower 400.   Each high-rise would have its own five-story parking garage.  

Construction would start this fall.  

All four towers would be completed by 2022 and generate an estimated $10 million in annual property taxes, with $2 million a year going to Hallandale Beach.  

Fans say the project will bring new life to the underused golf course, boost property values and add 600 permanent jobs to the region.  

Critics have griped the project would overburden already-crowded streets.  

Resident James Theckston told commissioners during the five hour debate that he doesn’t care “if the place turns into Manhattan,” but urged them to address the city’s traffic problem.  

2016 02 05 DiplomatTraffic consultants say the development will generate an estimated 7,600 daily trips, but won’t make traffic significantly worse than it is now.   Still, the size of the project has attracted the attention of Hollywood officials.  

Hollywood City Manager Wazir Ishmael told his commission bosses earlier Wednesday that he plans to ask Hallandale Beach to review the project’s compatibility with surrounding neighborhoods.  

Ishmael said he plans to meet with the developers and their attorneys to make sure Hollywood residents are not negatively affected as the development moves forward.   “We are not looking to block [the project],” Ishmael said. “We just want to make sure residents’ needs are taken care of.”   or 954-356-4554

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