Aquarius Meeting of the Board of Directors October 29, 2015

aquarius-285x300Meeting of the Board of Director of Aquarius Condominium

  • Date:  Thursday, October 29, 2015         Time:   7:00 pm
  • Location:   The Residences Condominium            Social Room-  1st Floor
  • 3001 S. Ocean Drive,    Hollywood, Florida  33019

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting 

  1. Call meeting to order at 7:02 by the General Manager David Slavin
  2. Proof of notice of meeting: Given by Linda Satz, Director Secretary of the Board
  3. Quorum certified by Association General Manager David Slavin: Ilya G., Eugenia V., Boris E., Sofia F. About 35 owners and some guests present.
  4. Minutes of October 8th. 2015 approved as whole with dispensed reading.
  5. Motion to Ratify Special Assessment 2015 alternate payment plan approved unanimously.
  6. Parking Review: The President of the Board Ilya G. informed the existence of 8 additional parking spaces that will receive a special consideration to be specified by the Board in the near future. There will be changes in the Valet Service charge with price increases. Owners, Beauty Parlor and Restaurant concessions will be offered to purchase special reduced prices for the use of their guests. All others will pay new prices. Under this topic, the President emphasized the need to generate additional income for the building with Valet Parking activity and rental income to be paid by concession of Beauty Parlor and Restaurant.
  7. Security Cameras System contract to be awarded with AlarmOne firm. AlarmOne offer was chosen over three additional bidders (total four bidders). Forty five cameras to be installed, up to the 24 available in the old system. This passed with the votes of Ilya G., Boris E. and Linda S. Sofia F. and Eugenia V. casted two opposed votes.
  8. New Air Conditioning for common areas of the property will have a contract to be granted to VMACH firm that competed with three other vendors. Motion approved by all Board members. Repair bills for 2014 exceeded one hundred thousand dollars. New system will be more reliable and resilient.
  9. The eighteen Fire Code violations incurred in 2014 and 2015 have been resolved by Aquarius Condo. Association to the satisfaction of the competent authority. No pending Fire Code violations at this time.
  10. Presidents report:
    1. Lobby reconstruction work permits granted by City of Hollywood. Work to start immediately. New carpet ordered.
    2. Restaurant work about 80% completed. A stage partial beginning of activities to start in a couple of weeks.
    3. West Pool opened with celebration last Saturday October 25th. 2015. Some residents complained about intensity of lights on steps of deck.
    4. In the Gym most exercise machines working, some with repair in progress. Sauna and vapor room should be in operation very soon. The required equipment has been ordered.
    5. Garage gate to be operating in less than two weeks.
    6. Four new access doors are being installed in the two towers. Completion of service in one week.
    7. Valet Deck planters under progress. CSI the general contractor for the area insists planters to be filled before final paver’s installation for technical reasons.
    8. Temporary lightning system will be increased in garage until a final project is approved.
    9. Plans for sound system for Lobby, Green Room areas under study.
    10. Plans for audio visual system for Cascade room with support for meetings, projections, presentations and parties under study. One proposal already received.
    11. Internet access in Multipurpose Room will be provided by Comcast with speed of 80 Mbps. Previous access was of 6 Mbps. Under consideration, internet access to be provided at east and west pool decks. Restaurant concession has its own system that we expect to be made available to patrons.
  11. Miscellaneous
  1. Several questions were asked to the Board: (1) Was interest charged to late payments of regular and special assessment for months of June, July and August?     The BOD did not charge interest on amicable late payments. Interest will be charged only on lawyer assisted recovery efforts. It was observed that the BOD may be breaking its fiduciary duties by given amnesty to later payers even if amounts are very small. (2) Outstanding debt in assessment payments:      The V. President informed that even with a One Million payment due September 1st the outstanding arrears is of about $ 360,000. This is the same amount verified in the end of the month of August. (3) Financial statement of September of 2015?     It will be made available as soon as received from the accounting firm. It should occur in less than a week. (4) Publication of detailed monthly invoice from Legal Counsel Glazer?    It will not be done anymore under advice of the Attorney. Total amount of monthly invoice will be made public without details. The invoice of October was about twenty-three hundred dollars, down from about ten thousand dollars in September. (5) Statement of expenses already incurred in each item provisioned on Special Assessment of 2015?   Treasury Director Eugenia V. will prepare this report and will provide it every month.
  2. Contract to be awarded for Herman Plumbing for emergency work at the garage. Approved by the BOD unanimously.
  3. Joe Paes from the Global Services our security contractor made a summary presentation and reported that some training has been provided. He expects a noticeable increase in the level of service when garage gate is operational and when concierge desk in the Lobby is usable. Improvements in the handling of packages and positive identification of FOB users will be observed.
  4. President Ilya G. made a brief presentation on circumstances on the termination of Andrew Surdovel our previous General Manager. The early separation fee of $ 35 thousand dollars is being paid to A. Surdovel. This payment is responsibility of Atlantic Pacific Management.
  1. Meeting adjourned 8:30 pm

Minutes recorded and submitted by Linda Satz, Board of Director Secretary of the Aquarius Condominium


  • Aquarius Condominium Association
  • 2751 South Ocean Drive, Hollywood, Florida 33019
  • Phone: (954) 921-7924 Fax: (954) 921-9768
  • e-mail:



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