Patio Furniture Discount – good until October 9, 2015

aquarius51Patio Furniture

Offer from the Board of Directors

Aquarius is purchasing new chairs and chaise lounges from
Tropic Patio in Miami. The cost for a Delta chair is $89.00  (regular price at the store $ 99 plus delivery)   and the Omega  Lounge is $160.00  (regular price at the store $ 199 and delivery charge). If you are interested in purchasing either one for your balcony,
you can for a limited time up to October 9, 2015. To purchase the furniture
please make a check for the quantity times the cost of each of each and make
the check out to Tropic Patio. You must also include 6% sales tax; delivery is
included at no extra cost.

The order will not be placed until the check is received in
the Aquarius Office.

Samples of the Tropic Patio furniture are in the

2015 Delta Armchair Blue White

Delta Chair

2015 omega-blue LOUNGE

Omega Lounge

2015 omega-blue LOUNGE Garden

Omega Lounge
















Additional details may be found  at website of the vendor:

Delta Chair click here               Omega Lounge click here

The plan is to deploy these new chairs on the East Pool. The existing brown furniture is supposed to be transferred to the newly refurbished West Pool Deck – information deem to be true by not guaranteed.



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2 Responses to Patio Furniture Discount – good until October 9, 2015

  1. Joan Salvatore 903so says:

    The chairs are very nice. Is it possible to order a few sit up chairs that are higher off of the ground. They are too low and will be difficult to get out of. We have handicap unit owners who would appreciate it.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Joan Salvatore
    903 So


  2. Joan Salvatore 903so says:

    I just checked the web site. Would you ardent some Bora chairs that are higher off the ground and have side handles? Thank you again
    Joan Salvatore


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