Great Expectations for the Aquarius Condominium August 2015


Great Expectations   for Aquarius Condominium

August 2015


Many owners of the Aquarius Condominium Association in Hollywood Florida have been waiting for changes that could bring the building to a better standing.

Some of these expectations may come to fruition sometime in the near future. Other big problems remain to be addressed.


    ♦     Achievable expectations (most of them funded, in progress and planned for):

September 2015  – Gym with new windows,  walls, floors and well maintained exercise                                             machines

– Swimming Pool of the West Deck

November 2015    – West Deck bathroom and shower

– West deck  glass railings and some details

–  Lobby and Meeting rooms with powder rooms renewed

–  Library and Community Center open

–  Packages and large volume items temp storage room


December 2015     – Restaurant reactivation

– Beauty Salon reactivation

– Garage door installation, all Garage spaces open and usable

– Building doors replacement

January 2016         – Valet deck; access ramp, landscaping, valet parking                                                                       returned  to owners and visitors.


     ♦        Non Planned    Non Funded Repairs and Recovery  Items


?  Retrofit of elevators (noisy unlubricated doors, constant stoppages)

? East Deck waterproofing ,  mold removal  and regular systematic cleaning

? Surveillance cameras (out of the 23 installed 12 work without  recording,  Project to install a total of 45 new cameras was provisioned and then rejected by the new board)

? External painting of the building

? Internal painting of the building

? East pool recovery (aging pool has machinery  replacement required, it is sinking among other problems)

? Air conditioning: Common Areas repairs and air handlers’ repairs

? Marble floor refinish

? Internal Communications retrofit

? West Parking Lot recovery:  primary coat, curbs and landscape with additional trees for shadow and beauty

? Trump building fence repair (fence is with dangerous incline)

? Book Exchange or Library

? Regular training and education of Security Personnel


The origin of many problems is the lack of reserves and insufficient maintenance fees charged. Some Boards of Directors have maintained artificial lower maintenance fees that result in large losses in the middle term.



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