Voices of Aquarius May 28 2015


Aquarius Website Administrator  of the official site:   Aquariuscondo.net    –    email bulletin to all users, emailed  5/28/2015 at 10:32am:  Many residents have reacted to this “Voices of Aquarius.” Their reactions are at the end of the message.

Voices of Aquarius

It has come to the attention of the majority of unit owners, that many occurrences were, caused by a few disgruntled home owners.
We the unit owners have incurred added unnecessary expenses of approximately $30,000.00 dollars, for additional permits and penalties, which were originally covered under the umbrella permit, this has caused a delay in the work.
As unit owners, we are not going to sit by and let a small group of people continue to tell
lies, harass our neighbors with phone calls, and make unannounced visits to their homes
in order to stop the progress. And above all embarrass us living in a closed community, we need to be respectful, considerate, of our neighbors, and live in a conducive atmosphere Although Freedom of speech is a right, Knowledge is Power.
We the concerned residents of Aquarius

Responses from owners received   5/28/2015 by 6:30pm and thereafter:

Roni Komie
I agree 100%!
Roni’s iPhone

Victor Ort
Amen!! So right!

Alicia Leone
We cannot agree more! It is time to press charges against the few  disrespectful people who continue to disrupt the progress the majority wants and needs.  Owners need to make sure that they support the current Board and protect their property values!
The malcontents will only continue if they are not confronted and made to  stop.
We are glad the Voices of Aquarius took the time to address the current sad state of affairs caused by a few undesirables. Thank you!
Mary Ann & Alicia Leone
605 South

Eugenia Rosen
It is about te to stand up for our rights. And to become. Civilized and act like a community and respect each other don’t bring up the past and look towards a beautiful Aquarius please no more lies.     Eugenia & Mike

Sylvia Fahrner’s
I totally agree! Maybe the additional cost should be billed to this “group of annoying
Aquarians” since cost and the quality of life at the Aquarius, has been negatively  affected by them.

Zoya Schmuter
I absolutely agree with the Voices of Aquarius opinion! I just want to add – to charge these few disgruntled home owners who by their absolutely irresponsible actions created about 30,000 dollars unnecessary expenses for additional permits and penalties and caused a delay in the work. They should be made financially responsible.
Zoya Schmuter

Ilya Sibula

The few disgruntled residence must learn to live in a democracy where people who were
elected must make critical decisions! You can not have mob rule and what is being done
is causing a delay of the projects and an inconvenience to all. Without these disgruntled
residents the projects would have been a lot further along! Some of these residents complained at a town meeting that projects were not being finished! What a twist of irony.

Eugenia Volcheck, Apt. 802N       5/29/2015   12:00PM
As a unit owner of Aquarius, I am writing with a request to add my response to the subject publication.  This publication alleges some unit owners of telling ‘lies, harass our neighbors with phone calls, and make unannounced visits to their homes in order to stop the progress’ and causing ‘unnecessary expenses of approximately $30,000 dollars, for additional permits and penalties’.

I assume you have gotten this information from our Board majority (3 members). I would like just to clarify these allegations. The one thing some of the owners want from our Board and management is to repair all damage we have been experiencing during two years of ongoing assessment work first before starting the demolishing of the Valet Area.
But the Board had it’s own agenda, and in the midst of current destruction and mold remediation the Board majority started the 2 million dollar project of Valet Area Reconstruction without pulling a permit. This was completely against American Standards.

As you can see from the attached Permit Data, the original CSI Master Permit was updated with a listed Permit Fee of $30,679.32. The original Permit Fee of $22,510.03 was paid by the Aquarius Condo in February of 2014. The difference of$8,169.29 was required to pay now. So, the $30,000 additional expenses allegation is not true and not proven by the facts.

Since the publication is called ‘Letter from Voices of Aquarius and responses by owners’, I am sure that Aquarius Website is not biased and my response will appear their as well.
Eugenia Volchek Unit 802N.​

Yvonne Sandor, Ma. Ed.

Without Prejudice       Sent: Friday, May 29, 2015 7:54 AM, posted June 15, 2015

The letter you submitted (May 28, 2015) has a number of errors, namely as an initial issue, according to the Aquarius building manager, there have not been any penalties levied on the Aquarius as of May 28, 2015.  Furthermore, to date, the cost of permits has been approximately $14.9k.  “Knowledge is power” would be a more credible statement if it were followed up with the facts.  Shame on you!

Additionally, respect and considerate behavior cuts both ways; it has not been seen emanating from the Board towards unit owners who happen to disagree with some aspects of forthcoming plans.  The letter you have submitted carries neither helpful nor positive, constructive ideas.  To the contrary:  the letter incites anger and hatred.  Both of these are an offense; both legally and otherwise.

It would be advisable that the Board adopt a set of behaviors governed by respect and professionalism, and act according to those principles.

Y. Sandor  Unit S-305


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