Board of Diretors Meeting 26 February 2015

aquarius51Aquarius  Condominium Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Present: Andrew Surdovel, Boris Eydelnant, Joel Cohen, Ilya Gonorovsky, Linda Satz, John Youssef

Also Present:     Unit Owners

Call to Order:     The meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m. by Andrew Surdovel

Approval of Minutes:  Joel made motion to approve minutes of last meeting, Linda seconded. The minutes approved without reading.

Michael Pirich Presentation: Submitted proposal on the entry Drive and Valet area improvements.

For new work – needs new contract. Submitted to 4 contractors for bids. Wednesday, March 4 bids should be coming back.

Introduced plan (design) for that area put in time (gratis) to prepare drawing.

Motion for this design $8,510. Motion was made by Joel. Linda seconded.

Connie – Commented, look at old diagrams to see what has already been done. Where are the plans?

Andy suggested Connie look for plans. Connie said Andy should.

Boris said the plans will be looked for

Vote: Joel – For / Boris – Delay for a week / Ilya – Delay for a week / Linda – For

Boris changed his vote to NOT delay. Motion carried.

Ilya said wasting money to go ahead

Joan – Stores – have not been able to find them.

Melanie – Go forward with new plans

West Pool Updates:

Andy: (Hand out attached)

Pool deck pavers patterns shown  (Deck pavers pattern shown HERE).

Connie – Wants to see a sample of pavers.

Concrete to be poured Friday, February 27, 2015.

Sherry:  Design not to plan.

Joel:  Being done now – cannot be changed.

Sherry: Installation seems to be different than plan.

Connie: Interrupted Andy’s presentation.

Andy:  Displayed tiles to be used in pool and discussed plan design.

Joan:  How wide are the steps?

Andy: Steps are to code. Railing on left and another 4 ft. away. Shower by the pool will be tiled and water will be heated.

Connie: “on the back of the pool.”

Andy:  Showed the drawing of the pool area and described where the railings and shower plan.

Connie: Steps? No Slope? Why?  Two Boards back, the plan was different for the steps.

Hiring an Interior Designer for the Lobby

Joel made a motion to approve the hiring of an interior designer. Linda seconded.

Connie – We have expensive furniture.

Linda – We are keeping the furniture

Connie – The fixtures are expensive.

Linda – We are keeping the lights

Connie – I don’t want to spend money unnecessarily. Motion carried.

Ilya opposed to hiring the interior designer.

Iris – How much will this cost?

Andy – The proposal may be changed – design may be changed

Iris – How much to spend on the design. There are designers in the building.

Joel – Not a good idea to hire someone who lives in the building. About $10,000.

Connie – Interrupted

Joel – Need a design to get a permit

Janice Kopel – I did not get a commission for the design I did. We have the colors already.

Boris – Need ceiling

Joel – Connie are you an expert on the Code?

Connie – I am an expert on the design.

Andy – The chandeliers will stay

Connie – Why change? Just clean it up.

Andy – I got the designer.

Mary Santamaria – Wait for the design, then discuss it.

Connie – Constant interruption

Yvonne – Will you have 3 different bids?

Andy – Yes.

Joel – Changes MUST be made to lighting – bathrooms. Must have a permit. MUST meet current codes.

Valet Deck and Air Conditioning

Andy – Bids are coming in for Valet Deck.

AC Handlers – 2 compressors for tower – Now want to have 4 instead

$65,000 quotation for new Gym roof. Needs to be a flat roof, reflective for FPL credit.

Security Issues:

Boris wants to improve security by weekend!

Yvonne: Wants a schedule for balcony repair posted

Andy – 4 balconies will be done. Then decision to repair balconies or replace them.

Connie – Interruption – Why is the balcony bad? Too much noise. Just do the work a short period of time.

Cecilio: Wants a 6-month schedule for the board meetings.

Joel: During construction phase – many meetings will be held. Florida Law has 48-hr. notice emergency can be less time

Boris – Everything is posted on the website – look there

Eugenia -Agrees with Cecilio – wants schedule of meetings. Must have scheduled monthly meetings.

Boris – Good idea

Eugenia – Balconies – $100,000 contracts. Inherited by the previous Board – was illegally done. Contracts signed in last 2 months of the old Board. Does not approve of this.

Inspection of Records Request:

Boris – Request to examine records for past 7 years. Manager needs more specific dates.

Joel – Why asking for this – Won’t make a difference. Eugenia, Boris, Sophia this is a ridiculous request – won’t change anything.

Sophia – The balconies were fixed a few years ago – Why now again? Need transparency.

Joel – The City ordered that the balconies be repaired.

Andy – The previous Board received a citation from the City for balcony repair and painting. Units 305S and 206S are very bad.

Eugenia – Read from? Work was already done. Complained of expenses for the repair.

Esther – Do the work – don’t interfere with the work being done. It is up to the Board to decide how to spend money.

Leonard – The violation will be the beginning of a big project.

Boris – Only 4 balconies will be done

Emma – The balconies were fixed in 2007. Don’t threaten that all balconies are bad.

Andy – The engineer will look at the balconies to decide what has to be done.

Ilya – Who gave permission to let the balcony repair people into the building?

Boris – more information should be given – will not happen again.

Joel made a motion to adjourn. Ilya seconded.

Motion carried –

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Signed by Ilya Gonorovsky, Secretary

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