Condo. General Manager Report – February 12, 2015

Aquarius_L_MedicCondo. General Manager Report –

February 12, 2015


Andrew C. Surdovel, LCAM

West Deck Waterproofing

The West Pool deck is progressing along. We now have the immediate pool deck waterproofed. The  Southeastern area still need waterproofing.  The reason for the delay of the waterproofing in this area is due to the installation of the pedestal base for the canopy which is now under work.

Pool Tile

The pool contractor, Reliable Pools, has asked for the pool tile color. The Beautification Committee has selected a beautiful pale green 2 X 2”color tile for the interior of the pool and a slightly darker green for the top gutter area of the infinity salt water pool.

The shower area adjacent to the pool will be tiled and a shower head and drain will be installed. The water for the shower will be heated.

News City of Hollywood Permits Issued  

The closing of a crucial permit  by CSI that will allow future permits to be issued is now       completed. This permit was holding up the permits for the Hollywood Stone and the RTI West pool restroom permit.  Hollywood Stone now has the permit #B14-105442 to install the pavers on the West  Pool deck. Pavers are being delivered and are being stored in the garage near the South entrance gate. The plan is to have the sand delivered to Aquarius next week and be stored on the West pool deck next  to the pool. Shoring has been installed for two areas where the sand and pavers will be placed to assure  the deck will hold the weight. This shoring will be removed once the sand has been distributed. The        sand for the West Pool is scheduled for delivery on Monday February 16, 2015.

Garage Gate Temporarily Closed

Unfortunately the South garage entrance will be closed for an extended period of time (starting February 13, 2015 for an estimated 3 weeks) for the installation of shoring that will be required to support the West pool during concrete  restoration and concrete curing.

Lobby Work and Valet Area Progress

The paramount project of restoring the Lobby is under way.  Salbo Construction is preparing drawings  of the Lobby, Cascade, Green room and the Gym. These drawings will enable Aquarius to obtain  quotations for the scope of work outlined from three vendors. Once the quotations are received, the  Board can select a vendor to do the work.

The Valet area soffit has been designed and is on display in  the mail room of each tower. We are awaiting vendor quotations for the Valet soffit area which are due next week. Our Maintenance Department is working in the Lobby area to install overhead temporary          lights; this will enable Unit owners to walk between the North and South towers. This work is scheduled to be completed on February 12, 2015.

City of Hollywood issues tickets

The City of Hollywood has issued Aquarius a violation Case # V13-14646 (attached) that mandates  repairs to balconies, exposed cables and dirty exterior walls. Aquarius has entered into a contract with  RTI to repair 32 balconies for an estimated sum of $80,000.00. Click here to see RTI Proposal.  The work has now begun on concrete restoration of  32 balcony edges in the North and South towers. The first balconies will be on the South tower on the 5   and 6 line which is in the Southeast side. This work is expected to take 3 weeks to complete and then  the stages will be moved West on the same side to the 7 and 8 line of the South tower. Work was  originally scheduled for the North tower, CSI objected due to the fact that falling concrete can damage the waterproofing on the West Pool deck.

Air Conditioning

We are receiving quotations for our A/C compressors and air handlers on the roof of the North and  South towers. These quotations entail completely replacing the units with more efficient units with an  assured ROI (return on investment) study. Excessive noises are emanating from the A/C  units, that are in substandard condition due to lack of servicing  over the years. This noise causes Penthouse unit owner’s sleepless nights. These quotations should be available in about 2 weeks.

Deck Walls Painting

CSI is now painting the West Pool deck walls. This includes the entire exterior of the Gym and the   perimeter walls on the upper side of the deck. Walls and ceiling below the deck are not part of this   scope of work.



Notice of Violation – 2 pages, followed by the Request for Extension – 2 pages



Request  for   Extension 




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