Manager Report od 12 /13 /2013


Aquarius Condominium Association

Brian Seidler, Property Manager

Management Report  Week of December 13, 2013



I. Administrative Items:

·        12/09/13: Faina will be away on vacation 12/11-16/2013.

·        12/09/13: Letter sent to ThyssenKrupp regarding an invoice they sent from providing a service call on Thanksgiving Day.

·        12/09/13: PM delivered to Gage Couch of Cadence a CD of drawings along with down payment check and six (6) color renderings as a reference.

·        12/10/13: Notice sent to the managing agent of unit 1204-South regarding rule violations for guest occupancy and plumbing leaks in the guest and master bathrooms leaking into the units below via email.

·        12/11/13: Complaint received from North building resident that his car cover has been damaged and is concerned of a fire breaking out in the garage due to lit cigarettes dropped from above onto the cloth car cover. PM to speak with the believed source of the cigarettes.

·        12/11/13: Eleven (11) unit owners have declared themselves as candidates for the Board of Directors. There will be an election at the Annual Meeting for the Board of Directors.

·        12/12/13: PM obtained the building permit from the City of Hollywood for the renovation of the South Building Lower Lobby ceiling. Work to begin 12/13/13.

·        12/12/13: PM obtained Notice of Commencement with Broward County for the South Building Lower Lobby ceiling repair project.

·        12/12/13: Letter terminating the landscape design services of Land Form Design Group executed and mailed to Malcolm Miller, principal. New landscape design firm engaged by the Association, Cadence-Living of Fort Lauderdale.

·        13/13/12: Concrete repair proposals received from Carousel Development & Restoration, Inc., National Concrete Preservation, Inc., Restoration Technology, Star Painting & Waterproofing, Inc., and Waterfront Services, Inc.


II.            Service Projects/Work Orders:

·        PM updating Preventative Maintenance manual. Spreadsheets updated and fresh photographs taken of the equipment. Items not previously in inventory added with inspection sheets created for each piece of equipment.

·        12/02/13: Water supply to the South building interrupted due to the City of Hollywood addressing a broken water main south of Aquarius on A1A.

·        12/09/13: 1505-South has leaking pipes in their master bedroom bathroom into 1405 and 1205 below. The owner has been informed, shown proof and is contacting a plumber for repairs. Executive Plumbing came out 12/13/13 and performed their inspection for a scope of work and repair estimate.

·        12/09/13: Glass door from the gym to the west recreation deck came off the hinges and fell due to the topping slab having been removed from the deck. The glass did not break. Star contacted and requested to come out and correct the door issue.

·        12/10/13: Sewer waste water line in 1204-Southleaking into 1104-South. Managing Agent for the unit owner advised via email to arrange for immediate repairs as the odors are disturbing the neighbors.

·        12/11/13: Galaxy responded to address the vehicle gate issue experienced. A card in a car close by the reader is causing interference with the system.

·        12/13/13: Demolition began on the lower lobby of the South building. The permit was obtained 12/12/13 and the project is expected to be completed by 12/20/13. See photographs at the end of this report.

III.    Meetings Held:

·        12/11/13: PM performed a successful rental screening of 901-North.

·        12/13/13: PM performed a successful rental screening of PH-7 South.

IV. Management Recommendations:

·        Board to determine which contractor is to perform the deck waterproofing once demolition of the wear slab is completed.

·        Board to determine which landscape architect is to be retained for the upper deck projects. Several vendors are being considered.

·        Board to determine which pool contractor is to perform the west pool renovation once the waterproofing of the upper pool deck is completed.

·        Consider updating the Rules & Regulations last ratified in 2009.


VII. Tasks for next week:

·        Continue inspections of common areas for work orders.

·        Continue preparation of second mailing of the annual meeting.

·        Prepare information for Unit Owners regarding the Annual Operating Budget figures that were approved at the 12/5/13 meeting for posting and mailing.

·        Board Meeting to discuss the history of Capital Improvement expenditures to be held Tuesday December 17, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Cascade Room.

Have A Wonderful Weekend!

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