Manager’s Report December 6, 2013

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Managers’  Report         

Brian Seidler


December 6, 2013

I.   Administrative Items:

·        12/01/13: Lock out occurred with Board member having to retrieve keys from the management office.

·        12/02/13: Claim filed with our insurance agent for reported water leak damage to residents car in the garage.

·        12/02/13: A carpet cleaning company could not provide proof of workers compensation insurance to access the property. The unit owner called from Canada and accepted the waiver of liability responsibility. The form was emailed to her for execution and return to the Association.

·        12/02/13: Unit owner that sustained a broken rear car window when an item fell from an unknown balcony is seeking reimbursement of his out of pocket expenses of $ 225.00. Request forwarded to the Board of Directors.

·        12/02/13: Unit owner requested copies of our property insurance pages from 2010 to present. Request forwarded to our agent.

·        12/02/13: Faina will be taking vacation and travelling out of town from Wednesday, December 11, 2013 through Monday, December 16th, 2013.

·        12/03/13: 1405-S Janitorial department reported

·        12/4/13: Eric will not be in for work Friday 12/6/13 and is taking a vacation day to pick up his family visiting from out of the country.

·        12/04/13: Staff evaluations underway by PM for consideration of year end performance bonuses.

·        12/05/13: Service call placed to unit 906-South to close ceiling penetrations made when the waster drain pipe was replaced in the unit below.

·        12/05/13: Faina will be away on vacation 12/11-16/2013.

·        12/06/13: Approved figures for the 2014 operating budget published to the unit owners with reserves. If reserves are desired to be waived, votes must be received by the Association for the annual meeting Tuesday January 21, 2014.

·        12/06/13: Several Unit Owners have submitted their intent to be a candidate for the Board of Directors. There will be an election on Tuesday January 21, 2014.


II.            Service Projects/Work Orders:

·        PM updating Preventative Maintenance manual. Spreadsheets updated and fresh photographs taken of the equipment. Items not previously in inventory added with inspection sheets created for each piece of equipment.

·        12/02/13: Thyssen Krupp elevators able to effect repairs to the residents car in the South building that was inoperable since Wednesday evening 11/27/2013 with a faulty call button on the PH level.

·        12/02/13: South building lower lobby contractor to begin work on replacing the drop ceiling on 12/3/13 with a project time of 5-7 days.

·        12/02/13: Water continues to leak from the ceiling of the kitchen in the Cascade Room and the main lobby entry doorway. Star was informed via email.

·        12/02/13: Water is leaking from the west deck into the library damaging several books. Star was informed of this new leak area.

·        12/03/13: North pool exit door from lobby reported not to be closing properly by Security. A work order was made out for maintenance to address.

·        12/03/13: Foul odor reported in the North building service elevator. Pit cleaning to be performed in house.

·        13/03/13: Dryer out of service in the North building laundry room. Service call placed with MAC-GRAY for repairs.

·        12/03/13: Unit 1405 South carpet removal created a path of debris from the unit. Unit owner was contacted to arrange for cleaning of the common area carpeting.

·        12/04/13: Replacement of unit a/c filters begins by the in house staff.

·        12/04/13: Inspector from CNA Insurance came out to see the South Building HVAC Boiler unit that is inoperable and is in need of replacement.

·        12/04/13: North service elevator out of operation parked on the 2nd floor. Thyssen Krupp to be summoned in the morning.

·        12/05/13: North resident elevator out of service parked on the 9th floor. Thyssen Krupp called for an additional service call.

·        12/05/13: East pool found overflowing with water. Float valve stuck in the open position. Valve reset and water being drained to normal level.

·        12/05/13: South vehicle entry gate malfunctioning. The reader is not recognizing cards. A call was placed for service with Galaxy.

·        12/05/13: 1803 South has a leak in their bathroom toilet. They have been advised to call a plumber to replace the wax ring seal on their toilet.

·        12/06/13: Resident vehicle entry gate operating in good condition.

III.     Meetings Held:

·        12/03/13: Beautification Committee met to discuss ongoing projects including the replacement of the gymnasium flooring.

·        12/04/13: PM, Roman and Arkady met with City of Hollywood Building Inspector Larry Lancaster to review permits requirements for ongoing projects.

·        12/04/13: Roman and Arkady met with a representative of Special T Pavers regarding the west pool deck project.

·        12/04/13: Roman and Arkady met with Andy Caciedo of ACG-Engineering.

·        12/05/13: Association Budget meeting for fiscal year 2014 held on Thursday December 5, 2013 at 7:00 p.m..

·        12/05/13: PM, Roman and Arkady met with Cornel Hanes of Hanes Hurricane Shutter & Windows to discuss preventive maintenance of the Association installed common area shutters and the door and frame replacements required by the City of Hollywood.

·        PM met with city of Hollywood Fire Department inspectors from the building department to determine exactly what issues need to be added to the shop drawings for the issuance of our bu8ilding permit to replace the drop ceiling in the south building lower lobby.

IV. Management Recommendations:

·        Board to determine which contractor is to perform the deck waterproofing once demolition of the wear slab is completed.

·        Board to determine which landscape architect is to be retained for the upper deck projects. Several vendors are being considered.

·        Board to determine which pool contractor is to perform the west pool renovation once the waterproofing of the upper pool deck is completed.

·        Consider updating the Rules & Regulations last ratified in 2009.


VII.      Tasks for next week:

·        Continue inspections of common areas for work orders.

·        Continue preparation of second mailing of the annual meeting.

·        Prepare information for Unit Owners regarding the Annual Operating Budget figures that were approved at the 12/5/13 meeting for posting and mailing.


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