Hollywood Broadwalk Extension Concept


for South Hollywood Beach Discussed,

as published in New Horizons, City of Hollywood Quarterly Newsletter, April – July 2023 http://www.hollywoodfl.org

“In March, Conceptual designs for a pedestrian walkway in the southern portion of Hollywood Beach from Georgia Street to Magnolia Terrace were presented to the City Commission and public. The Community Redevelopment Agency is applying for a $500,000 Florida Department of Transportation Recreational Trails Program Grant that would be used to help finance construction of a 15-foot wide walkway in this section of the beach. The public meeting was an opportunity for stakeholders to share their ideas and learn more about what could be possible for the southern portion of the beach. Elevated wood walkways, crushed shell and pavers were discussed, as well as costs, feasibility and a phased approach with a north and center section as part of the scope of the work. Additional opportunities for public input will take place as the project develops over time.”

The first phase would extend the Hollywood Broadwalk from the Summit condominium to just before the Wave. From Georgia Street to Magnolia Terrace, Keating Park.

The idea, seems to be, to piggyback in the already approved beach nourishment that entails beach enlargement with construction of protection dunes. Maybe more important than the Hollywood Broadwalk South extension would be if Aquarius would benefit from the protection of the dunes or the dunes building would stop at Magnolia Terrace. Aquarius beach strip is quite narrow. The construction of dunes and beach enlargement would be a positive factor protecting the property from king tides and eventual the periodical strong waves.

Here the CBS Miami TV presents an informative video of the proposed idea. It seems that the dunes are going to be built the walkway is still an idea under development.

Hollywood’s ‘walkway idea’ would extend beach walk to the south – CBS Miami.  The interview with the Hollywood Mayor at the end of the clip is very interesting.  click here:



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