My Favorites for the Board of Aquarius

   My favorites for the Board of Aquarius


As you know we have elections for the Aquarius Board of Directors  January 17, 2023.

Here are my favorites candidates: 


Leon Behar, 1404S,,  (305) 450-7226: Friendly, easy to speak with. One of the most accessible Board members. He will not leave your questions without a courteous and educated response.


Elzbieta (Ella) Fishman 1104S, , (917) 515-0030: Very dedicated actual Vice-President. It seems that without her care little would have been done this past year of 2022. Excellent negotiator.



Bhagwan (Buck) Gupta,  804S (786)402-4269 Past Board President for many years. Responsible to bring the building from 2007 status to a more recent status. Dedicated, motivated he will be an excellent contribution with his knowledge of Aquarius past improvements.


Orlando Herrera, 805S, (786) 326-6056,  Dedicated, interested. Extremely helpful  for the renewal of Gym Equipment and Game Room improvement. He will bring dynamism and energy to the Board. 


Elizabeth (Lisa) Khalevich, 508S,, (917) 217-7732: Finally we have a Treasurer that is comfortable with numbers. She has shown us, with clarity, details in our accounts that sometimes get buried under the complexity of the accounting reports.

How about the other candidates?  For some I don’t have many details. For others I have too many knowledge of and feel very uncomfortable if they are  ever elected.

I favor candidates that show dedication, that live in the building most of the year and that are willing to work and play well with others. After all it is a Board. Also important, but it is not a deal breaker, is if they have the time to dedicate themselves to the complicated and laborious work of the Board of Directors and do not entertain a full time job elsewhere.

This, above mentioned group of candidates, should be an excellent choice to make the most of Aquarius. I am confident that they will perform to the best interests of the Aquarius Condominium community.


Laughing matter:

“I always say elections with more than one candidate are a very complicated.”

President of North Korea Mr. Kim Jong Un



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Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Public Administration are areas I am familiar with. I am also interested in photography, wine, sailing, politics, economics, and economic development.
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