A Letter to Aquarius Management and Members of the Board

A Letter to  Aquarius Management and Members of the Board,

I am the daughter of Nilufer Tarhan who resides in 2751 S Ocean Drive, PHS6 S 33019. I have a couple of concerns after what happened to the Surfside building:

1- Being on the top floor, my unit has suffered from roof damage in the last few years. I have notified the building and repair people have come and checked after I raised my concern. They replaced the drywall that was damaged but I’m afraid there were no repairs done to the structure that was inevitably damaged by salt and rain water.  I was staying with my mother when we experienced severe water damage. The leak filled the light fixture and was actively and rapidly dripping into the unit and we had to use a bucket to collect the water and empty it every couple hours. If we were not living in the unit full-time, I cannot imagine the damage it would have caused us and the unit below.

I am requesting you to send the building inspectors and engineers and/or city officials that will be sent out by the city to check the structure of the building. Our unit has substantial damage what seems like cracks and leaks. I am in no way trained to detect the damage, and I cannot assure if there is more damage –my expertise is not going further than an eye inspection. Yet, the fact that I can see the damage is frightening to anyone regardless of their engineering training.

2- The building has had long running issues with the pool deck, similar to the issues in Surfside Towers. I would like to know if the pool has ever damaged or leaked to the garage or anywhere else before. Did the pool structure ever leak? If so, where did it damage. If it did not damage anywhere else, then why?

3- Our parking garage is in a constant state of DISREPAIR with LARGE CRACKS and supports holding up the beams. I would like to know if any of those beams are actually supporting the building itself or if they are damaged by salt water since the steels have been exposed to air for such a long time.

4- I would like to know, if 2-3 years ago when they re-did the balconies, if there were any safety assessments done. For instance, how much damage would it cause to the structure of the building, did they ever assess that, do we know the current state of the building?

5- When was the last time our building got inspected?

Please share any documentation and a detailed and understandable answer to each question above.

Thank you,

Melisa Tarhan


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