Aquarius Gym Equipment Issues

Aquarius Gym Equipment Issues

The email message, bellow transcribed, contains important information provided by Orlando Herrera. Keeping up with developments in our Aquarius Condominium helps management to take care of problems at their onset. It does only make our home safer and beautiful as it saves money. After a while uncared for problems become expensive and it takes a longer time to fix them.  “The eye of the master fattens the horse.”

It seems that the new manager will look into the issue at hand.

Thank you Orlando for sharing:

Hollywood, FL  June 2, 2021

Dear members of the board and  Marie Goehl,

Your help is needed in guiding and instructing the housekeeping supervisor and the cleaning personnel in stopping the use of the spraying pistol device and the corrosive liquid being used to disinfect the gym equipment. Although the continuous use of this device and liquid has already done the damage in the metallic parts of both the new and old gym equipment (please see the attached pictures of before and after the use of the corrosive liquid), we can still stop the rust deterioration and maintain the gym equipment better

Last year after the cleaning personnel started to use a spraying pistol device to spray a liquid to disinfect the gym equipment.  I noticed that the liquid used to disinfect was damaging the gym equipment both the new one and the old one.  The cleaning personnel was spraying the liquid into the air and sometimes directly into the equipment.  As a result,  when the liquid fell on the equipment, it settled on the surface of each piece of equipment and left a corrosive film that has been damaging the equipment by creating corrosion everywhere the liquid touches the metallic parts of the equipment.

The solution was: 1. To stop using the corrosive liquid and stop spraying this liquid with the spraying pistol device.  2. The disinfection process of the equipment should be done by only wiping the parts each of equipment that is touched by the users.  There is no need to spray or wipe metallic parts that the users of the gym equipment don’t touch, common sense needs to be exercised.  3.Management should instruct maintenance personnel to remove the several layers of the corrosive liquid that has accumulated in the metallic parts of each piece of the gym equipment with a rust remover or WD-40 and where applicable use a very fine sandpaper to remove the rust.  I will be happy to direct maintenance personnel in how to perform these tasks.

I brought this to the attention of the previous manager Adrian on several ocassions and I also mentioned it to Buck.  Adrian said to me that the sales person that sold him the liquid and the cleaning equipment said to him that the liquid was not corrosive.  Well the PP presentation in PDF attached  and the pictures below say the opposite.  Nothing happened for several months last year, the cleaning personnel continued to use the pistol fogging device and the gym equipment both the new equipment and the old equipment continued to deteriorate.  After talking to Adrian several times, I spoke to the housekeeper supervisor, I also spoke to the cleaning ladies and finally I asked Buck to walk with me at the gym so he could see himself what I was talking about it, I finally saw that some cleaning personnel stop using the pistol fogging device.  However, during the weekend I saw some security personnel using the pistol fogging device.  When I asked they, they said that they were not aware that the device was not longer used anymore. So apparently the device was still being used on weekends.

The reason for this email is because last week, the cleaning lady that cleans the gym, stop wiping the equipment  and started to use the spraying pistol device again.  When I asked her why she started to use the device and a liquid  that has been damaging the equipment, she answered that she was following orders from her supervisor.

Please see attached PP presentation with pictures of before and after and how the equipment has been deteriorating and getting worse as time goes by.

I invite the board members and the new manager to visit the gym and see the deterioration of all of the gym equipment as a result of the use of this disinfectant liquid and this spraying pistol device.

It is really upsetting to see this damage and deterioration of the gym equipment especially when it could have been prevented if the previous manager would have done his job of following up on the severall complaints I mentioned last year and this year too.

I will be happy to meet with Marie and walk with her in the gym to look for a solution and a better way to disinfect the gym equipment and discuss the solution and what we can do to resolve this issue.  Let me know if you would like to do that Marie.

Best regards,

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1 Response to Aquarius Gym Equipment Issues

  1. weins57886 says:

    Thank you Mr. Herrera for noting this problem.
    It’s hard to believe that after this issue was brought up many times nothing was done.
    It seams that this was done intentionally since the problem still persist.
    I hope a new manager will step in without delay and take steps to remove rust and change the cleaning procedure.

    Nathan Weinstein


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