The Beautiful Floor of the Penthouse of Aquarius

The Beautiful Floor of the Penthouse of Aquarius

The renovation of the Aquarius Condo hallways continues. In the penthouses’ floors the work is almost finished. The top floor of Aquarius towers got beautiful porcelain tiles. This material is not just aesthetically pleasant, modern, resilient. It is also very practical, easy to clean, easy to maintain.

In these times of pandemic, the hard floor of porcelain does not accumulate dust, mold or mildew. As it is well known one of the major vulnerabilities of COVID-19 19 is any respiratory tract illness. So, the lucky residents of the penthouse floors have one less source of problems.

The old carpets were removed in 2017. The reason for removal was their contamination with mold and mildew. The carpets were also stained, dusty, with bad odor, unattractive. Carpet an old fashion material that should never be used in a seashore property.

Mr. Buck, the President of the Board informed that Aquarius would not go back to the carpet flooring. After all, Aquarius is next to the sandy beach. It is almost impossible not to bring some sand when coming back from an ocean dive. In addition, Aquarius has a growing population of pets. Accidents are inevitable. The repair of carpet is almost impossible. The trash rooms are far away from some units. Again, plastic bags often leak and fat and other contaminants that are so easy to clean on a hard floor become a great problem on carpet.

Unfortunately, it seems that only the ground floor and the penthouse will have the sanitary easy to maintain hard floors. The rest it seems will have to live with a material so dated and improper for a by-the-sea residence where we have dogs and are subject to incidents like the one that forced a removal of the old carpet. Is this rational?

Scroll for four pictures of the penthouse hallways. Better yet personally go to the penthouse and be surprised and amazed with a splendorous mold and mildew free floor treatment!

One last thought. The proponents of carpet use porcelain or marble in their homes. Isn’t ironic that someone would find carpet adequate for Aquarius common areas?


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About Cecilio Augusto Berndsen

Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Public Administration are areas I am familiar with. I am also interested in photography, wine, sailing, politics, economics, and economic development.
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7 Responses to The Beautiful Floor of the Penthouse of Aquarius

  1. Alla Shchegol says:

    I agree with you 100%, and was against carpet on corridors. For some reason I thought that governing body wouldn’t use carpet but I guess I was wrong. It is a shame


  2. Fran Katz says:

    I agree- Carpet harbors dust, mold and dirt.


  3. SIMON BOLONIK says:

    Thank you for your comments/pictures.
    We are for stone flooring.
    Simon Bolonik
    Apt 405N


  4. Carole says:

    Cecilio, I am happy that you are happy with your hard surface penthouse hallway floor. However, may I suggest that you do not disparage the carpet throughout the rest of the hallway floors.

    The decision and suggestion by both the designers and the industry state that carpet is the way to go for many reasons: one of the most important to remember is the sound amplification. Anyone living in the middle units can hear sound echoing throughout 24 hours.

    Also, I hope that measures are being taken and noticed by the board for residents to train, hold, and manage their pets.

    Warning to residents with hard surface hallways: beware of slipping. We have many elderly residents and one slip or fall on the hard surface is no fun.

    And finally, our old building really is not built to withstand the weight of hard surface hallway floors. The penthouse floors were given leeway because of their proximity to the roof access….and I hope that he owners of the penthouse floors will help to maintain the new clean look.

    Carole P


  5. Nury Gupta says:

    I agree with you with you 100%. From the very beginning of the renovation of the hallways, I always wanted tiles but no one wanted to hear it. I had no choice but to give up trying.


  6. Philippe COOPER says:

    The most significant oversight in my humble opinion was not the carpet but how the Association dis not mandate all owners to replace those outdated shutters with hurricane windows. Seriously… 1970’s era accordion style junk shutters are going to keep this building safe from water and wind damage? Thats the big issue in my mind.


  7. Dennis Lantigua says:

    It would be a shame to go back to carpet. And sound should not be an issue since there are not that many rooms per floor. And people have tiles in the rooms already. What is the difference if it is in the hallways as well. We have come this far and we should finish right.


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