Free (and not) Movies and Shows for you at Aquarius

Free (and not) Movies and Shows for you at Aquarius

Free movies and TV shows are abundant at Aquarius. Let’s see some ways to find them:

Of course you must have the X1 system installed in your apartment. Also the internet connection must be properly set up. If you have not upgraded your installation some features may not be available. Have you user id and password of your Comcast account handy!

Comcast Xfinity offers thousands of free on demand films. They also offer recent releases for a price. It helps to browse the computer to find the titles. The link  gives a panoramic view of  the free offers.

The premium Channel HBO that is included in our Aquarius contract with Comcast/Xfinity is another gold mine of good titles. HBO offers also thousands of films. The quality tends to be better than Comcast on demand. Also the series are remarkable. Game of Thrones, Sopranos, Little Big Lies are a few of the great number of good series available.  With your Comcast account you can watch the HBO collection anywhere in the United States. Check out HBO GO and HBO NOW. The catalog may be seen here

PBS also presents a limited catalog on demand. You may check it out here  after finding your preference the search of Comcast will locate the specific program. Of course you may want directly to the search available in your TV you may use even the verbal search but the functionality is not always the best. A computer or a smart phone may help you find item faster.

There are temporary offers that ave very interesting:

Amazon Prime. If you are not a subscriber you can get a trial subscription valid for 30 days. Amazon Prime has about 14.000 (yes fourteen thousand) titles available. It offers more that shows, films and music. In the spirit of Amazon there are many titles that Prime customers have to pay. How to get there? Comcast now has a link to Amazon. You also may use your smart TV or you BD-DVD player to get Amazon Prime. The Comcast search not always presents all you can get with Amazon Prime. Here again the computer or the smart phone may be of help to find the show you are looking for.

Netflix offers a month free you are not a subscriber. Depending on who you ask there are 4.000 or 6.000 titles offered by Netflix. Many British TV series are available (Father Brown?). Netflix has many in house production that are exclusive for Netflix customers. Some of them are Oscars winners others not so much. The quality varies but there are many interesting productions.

Disney+ the new streaming  service offers a 7 days free trial. The catalog includes 500 movies. It is a must if kids are in the household. Disney is free for one year to Verizon smart phone clients.

Also there is Hulu a complex offer that may be an alternative for those that have no cable. It is not the case for Aquarius residents. But they have exclusive titles not available anywhere else. There is a bundle of Hulu plus Disney+ that may be of interest.

Until April 19, 2020 the following premium channels are free:

Showtime (Billions, Homeland), Epix (Godfather or Harlen, Hunger Games), History Channel Vault, Pluto are a few other free offers with very interesting content.

And about some study? Great Courses, Coursera, TED are some options. But this we will discuss another day. Have you ever browsed YouTube. They also offer a free trial for their Premium service.

Do you have any suggestions? Please make a comment in this site or better yet send an eMail to (sometimes I read my email hehehehehehe)


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