What floor cover for Aquarius hallways?

What floor cover for Aquarius hallways?




Porcelain or Carpet in the Aquarius Hallways?


Since 2017 Aquarius C.A. hallways have a bare concrete floor alternated with some marble in the elevators landing.

What are the alternatives to repair this important component of Aquarius? The options are immensely varied. One of the most important decisions is: should the floor covering be hard or soft?

The modern trend is luxury condominiums and 5-star buildings like hotels and commercial spaces is to have hard floors.

The traditional approach is to install carpet as Aquarius had in the past. This was the standard in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

What are the advantages of hard floors, like porcelain floors?

  • Durability – apparently a well-maintained porcelain floor may last 40 years. Stains are easy to remove.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. The use of vacuum cleaner followed by mopping with a wet cloth is all that is required most of the time.
  • Odors do not adhere to porcelain.
  • Porcelain does not get mold and mildew.
  • It is easy on people with allergies.
  • Pet impervious.

Negative aspects of porcelain floor:

  • It may be noisier. In the case of Aquarius, we have had the experience of more than 2 years of bare concrete in the hallways. This seems to indicate that noise may be not a factor specially when we note that the second floor has hard marble and no complains of noise have been registered in the 45 years of the building existence.
  • Some variety of porcelain may be slippery. Again, many areas with marble in the building have not registered accidents. Also, there are always non-slippery alternatives.
  • It may be hard to repair if there is not a reserve of tiles. A good reserve of tiles may address this issue.


How about a softer approach? Installing carpet except in the elevator’s landings. Advantages:

  • Warmth and coziness.
  • Better sound control than porcelain.
  • Easier and faster to install.
  • Potential lower cost may allow for periodic replacement.
  • A high-quality well-maintained carpet should last 10 years

Problems with carpet flooring:

  • Hard to maintain
  • Tends to accumulate dust and allergens
  • Cleaning and maintenance are harder. Requires periodic shampooing to remover stains and odors.
  • Pet incidents will adversely affect the area.
  • Gives the building an older, out of fashion appearance.
  • Clear colors (to avoid the cavernous appearance of the walkways) should be avoided. So, the choice of colors is restricted to darker colors making the hallways gloomy.

How about cost per square foot?

Porcelain comes in an infinity array of colors and patterns. One trending pattern is imitating wood plank floors. Will this fad last? It is hard to tell. It is also possible to have porcelain that imitates natural stone like marble, flagstone or travertine. Porcelain may come in four major categories: (1) full body, (2) multiple loading, (3) twin pressed and (4) standard and colored body glazed.

The choices in carpet are also wide ranging. A new trend is to install carpet in tiles. CVS pharmacies opted for this modality. The advantage of the carpet tiles is to change those damaged or soiled and keep the still presentable ones.


The cost varies. Fixr.com informs that $ 9.50 is a fair estimate for porcelain tiles installation including the acquisition. Homeguide.com estimates a cost from $ 7.00 to $ 14.00. A base estimate is installation only of $ 4.00 to which the cost of the tile and underlayment (vapor barrier-sound suppressing, like) should be added.


Carpet also comes in a great variety of cost estimates. The recommended one is the cut pile carpet. For hallways shag of cable should be avoided. Fixr.com estimates a cost from $7.00 to $12.00. Homeguide.com offers a range from $6.00 to $ 15.00. Some would suggest a cost as low of $2.00 per sf.

Are there other alternatives?


Wood, natural stone, stamped concrete are some additional alternatives. Also laminate and sheet vinyl are often mentioned.


One relatively new option is epoxy. The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport has opted for this flooring in all areas that have been renovated. Epoxy has many advantages. Low weight, immense variety of patterns, colors and

Luxury Epoxy Flooring

surface finishes and the promise of very long and carefree enjoyment. Epoxy has been used in garage floors for its resistance to abrasive and acid substances. The evolution of more refined patterns and artistic possibilities has made this alternative more and more popular in more sophisticated areas.



So, the cost for porcelain and carpet seems to be similar. The preference should go to porcelain if durability, cleanliness and a more contemporary look and feel is desired.   Carpet could be preferred if warmth, softness, and old tradition are the most  desired variables.


My vote? Porcelain! What is your opinion?







About Cecilio Augusto Berndsen

Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Public Administration are areas I am familiar with. I am also interested in photography, wine, sailing, politics, economics, and economic development.
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13 Responses to What floor cover for Aquarius hallways?

  1. alla shchegol says:

    Porcelain is the proper choice. !


  2. Ilya B SIBULA says:

    Porcelain or epoxy tiles, it’s clean looking at list.


  3. mrsippi1 says:

    First ..Not True about..No accidents on Marble, on Lobby flooring..Lady Lawyer fell  broke leg..due to wet drippings on floor..in front of elevator..report made..Ambulance  called /came…….Please Check your facts… Second..Fact check. People living on 2nd floor…It can be a Horror Show when in season… I personally experienced the noise at a wonderful dinner party in 206N..the .large number of people awaiting for the elevator became unbelievably LOUD..at times..you can sometimes experience the noise at a quiet time ..when the noise is opposite..yes the noise is coming out of the condo… There is no sound proofing or privacy for people on the inside….so sad…knowing this..I personally go to the deepest part of my apt to converse…… This is my Experience….but I make my way work for my husband & I..living here over 20 years.. because I like it here with my friends….Pam Ilpolito / 1103N & 1104N…Be well…Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


    • Cecilio Augusto Berndsen says:

      Pam where did you get the information the elevator marble landings would be replaced? I am not aware of it. If they are not been replaced your point is hard to understand. Also the hard concrete has been there for more than 2 years. Have you heard any complains regarding sound? I must confess I have not.


  4. EA says:

    We need to hire a interior designer to choose the halfway colours both walls, doors and floors. We have such mish-mash of color and look around the east pool area.


    • alla shchegol says:

      I do not think we need to spend extra $ for interior designer. If we are to go with porcelain we could easily match it to the walls. If needs be I will help out for free when in FL, thus I hold degree in interior decoration, and made all interior designs in all of my and other people properties
      Best regards


  5. Nathan Weinstein says:

    I agree with your choice.
    Porcelain it’s.



    I vote Porcelain


  7. SCOT BENNETT says:



  8. Carole Pumpian says:

    Cecilio, regarding the debate about hard or soft surface for the hallways, I believe that you are not up to date on the decision regarding agreement on the soft (carpet flooring).

    You live in a corner unit, the units in the center of the building are experiencing much sound disturbances with no soft flooring. Even so much as the dinging of the elevator bell can be heard throughout these condo units. This becomes a matter of privacy within the homes involved.

    Most if not all high rise upscale condominiums have carpet on the floor. It is a more elegant look, easily coordinating with all other interior aspects, easy to maintain, easy to replace when worn out and suggested and agreed upon by interior designers, construction crews, and residents.

    We do not have the facility to wash or wet clean hard surface flooring in this building. Each floor would need to have a sink/water available to do this. The Aquarius does not. This means that daily cleanliness for the hard surface would not be done.

    For those who have not attended any current meetings at the Aquarius, we now have engaged a firm to present to us a concept board for the hallways. This should be available sometime in the very near future. We are moving ahead. So much time has already been spent on the exterior renovations, that we tend to forget that it takes time to coordinate an upscale beautiful look for our building.

    Have faith everyone, things are beginning to move forward and we will have a beautiful completed building that all of us can be proud of ….the hallways are part of our home, and we all like to come home to a place that we are proud of!

    Carole P


  9. nadine says:

    I agree 100%, PORCELAIN can be cleaned easily. We have too many dogs around!
    It is healthier to maintain than carpet, considering smell, dust, mold and mildew.
    It creates a prestigious appearance. To find matching colours with walls and doors will be an easy task .
    Porcelain is an excellent choice!


    • Victor Ort says:

      Which new luxury condominiums are you referring to? I, personally, would love to see some of the hallways before opting one way or the other.


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