Did you know Norman Raven?

Did you know Norman Raven?


Norman Raven was a resident of Aquarius. He was very active in the Aquarius Community and belonged to the Board of Directors a few terms. He had a good number of friends in the property. Here is an eulogy  published in the front page of the South Florida Sun Times by Debbie Finke a long time associate and  friend of Norman.


“Normie will be in our hearts every day and we will never forget how kind hearted he was to everyone he knew. He al­ways fought for the un­derdog – and found that silver lining that has not always been easy – in the real estate market”

Debbie Finke, Longtime Friend/Associate,  South Florida Sun Times, May 23rd, 2019

‘Normie’  Was Indeed One Special Man
Local Realtor Norman Raven Touched So Many Lives – Worldwide

Talk about the real estate market and Norman Raven could go on for hours. Speak to him about travel and his pas­sion for life – and he would fill several volumes.

On May 3, at the age of 69, the man who was admired and adored by many, suddenly passed away – and the shock waves were felt from the United King­dom, to Europe and here in south Florida.

The man who was up front, charming and very witty – and had established himself as someone who clients could trust for over five decades – passed way too soon, and the news was met with so much sadness from those close to him.

As part of the highly successful Raven Team – Sue Ward Homes, Inc. -where he and longtime associate and dose friend Debbie Finke brought over 80 years of combined experience in the competitive real estate market, Norman Raven was indeed that dose of reality at a time when many needed that pick-me-up.

Born on March 27, 1950, Raven’s passion for travel and always looking for the best in people, his passing while va­cationing in Spain was felt by those dose friends and family members, who ‘There was never a day since we have known Norman that he was not there for all of us,” Finke recalled. “He was affectionately known by his friends and family as ‘Normie’ – and always had a big smile on his face, and if you felt down in any way, he would do his best to cheer you up and make you smile.”

Norman Raven was a caring and generous man and always made sure his family and friends were on the right path. A brilliant business man, best friend and partner to both Finke and Johnny Yianni, he was a practicing Real Estate & Sales Agent in America for 25 years. He has been a practicing Member of the Royal. Institute of Surveyors in Chigwell, England for roughly 50 years.

“Normie will be in our hearts every day and we will never forget how kind hearted he was to every-one he knew,” Finke said. “He always fought for the underdog – and found that silver lining that has not always been easy – in a real estate market.”

Raven, who had been in the industry for 49 years, continued to have more domestic and foreign real estate experience than anyone you will find.

When the South Florida Sun Times spoke with Raven this past December, he talked about the real estate market in a way only a positive and optimistic person could.

“In the past, rumors have circulated about the market being stale, but we don’t think that’s the case,” Raven pointed out. “Look around, there are new properties going up all the time. You learn to be creative and understand that finding a south Florida location for the value you still can get, is like no other place, anywhere.”

The important thing to understand is that even when there are obstacles standing in the way, Norman and Debbie continued to find creative ways to keep their clients satisfied.

When it came to international property, Raven had that firsthand experience – as someone who continued to travel throughout Europe, mostly in Spain and the United Kingdom – telling clients and those who would listen about the best deals and what properties/locations were hot.

Because of his love for south Florida, having a home in Pembroke Pines, and working with Finke for over two decades as part of the highly successful Raven Team, there was so much respect for knowing all about the market, following current trends and staying ahead of the competition.

“Our success was based on the fact that we cared and worked around the clock to make our clients happy,” Finke explained. “Both Norman and I had clients and repeat clients who we placed in that perfect home or property – and that is some-thing that we both cherished and remembered always.”

Norman Raven is survived by Ann Raven, his sister Elaine Forman and his brother-in law, Stephen Forman, his son, Jonathan Raven, his daughter Rachel Shababo, Norm’s son-in-law, Daniel, his son Jamie Raven, his 8 grandchildren, nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews and numerous family members and friends.


Debbie Finke,  dfinke@hotmail.com   




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