Publix across the street from Aquarius?

Publix across the street from Aquarius?

Is there a Publix Supermarket in Aquarius’ future?

Publix applied for a new store to be erected at 3100 S. Ocean Drive. This is a parcel next to The Residences of Hollywood. It is almost across the street from Aquarius.

The final plan for a construction of about 62,000 square feet has been presented to the City of Hollywood. It is not approved yet. There was a meeting before the Technical Advisory Committee  (TAC)  on December 3rd, 2018. If approved by TAC the next step is to get the approval from the Planning and Development Board (PDB). The PDB will announce a public hearing with 15 days in advance.

Individuals interested in this development may appear to voice their opinion, ask questions and comment on the proposed plan.

Additional questions may be directed to Deandrea Moise, Project Planner, Division of Planning and Urban Design, City of Hollywood, tel.: 954-921-3471 option 3.

At the City of Hollywood website some information will be available HERE.  Also going to the home page of the City of Hollywood   or  and using the search box with the word  – agenda – some additional information should be available soon.

Channel 10 News has a short report on how this Publix may look like if approved.

Groceries by Boat?  Channel 10 News

Do you like the  idea of having a supermarket just across the street?



fun time

The evolution of the desk. Has yours followed the times?  From 1982 to present times.



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