Florence, Isaac, Helene: Are we protected at Aquarius?

Florence, Isaac, Helene: Are we protected at Aquarius?

September 10, 2018

These big storms march close to the United States. Florence is to hit the Carolinas coast before the end of the week (September 13 or 14, 2018). Isaac and Helene should not be a serious threat to Southern Florida as the forecasts of today.

What are the concerns at Aquarius?

The North Tower is fully protected by its Storm Windows, Metal Shutters and Construction Plywood. If you live in the North Tower make and you have Metal Shutters make sure they are easy to close, they lock properly so you are not left without protection. Impact Windows just must be properly closed.

How about the South Tower? Impact Windows? Not to worry. The Metal Shutters that were removed are being put back according to plan. There is a contractor in the property working to put everything according the Florida and City of Hollywood construction code. What if a storm strikes and there is not Shutters in place yet? The Aquarius Management is prepared to install plywood protection in all windows that still require shielding.

Let’s relax and hope for the better.

If you are out-of-town and still have Metal Shutters ask a neighbor to make sure your Shutters are in top condition closed and locked. By the way: nobody is supposed to leave town without closing and locking his/hers metal Shutters. This is procedure to be taken seriously year round. This does not protect just your unit. This protects the entire building.





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