Very, Very Important Message from our General Contractor Structural – SPS

Very, Very Important Message from our General Contractor Structural – SPS  for SOUTH TOWER

We just got  this message from Caley the Manager of the General Contractor of Aquarius SPS – Structural Preservation Systems.  Please open windows of your apartment when there is no work being performed. That means: Monday to Thursday from 7 to down is no windows open. Sometimes work is performed Friday and Saturday to recover rainy days and other postponement. So, please,  be alert and do not get hurt by a swing stage.

Hi Team,

As you know, there has been a recurring issue with residents in the South tower opening their windows and even worse sticking their heads out of windows while we are working on a swing stage directly above them (see attached photo from earlier this week of unit 405 doing so). This is extremely dangerous and we cannot express strongly enough how residents need to abide by the rule of not opening windows during working hours. Besides the extreme safety concern they will be exposing themselves to dust and pressure washing spray should they open the windows, for which we cannot be held liable for.

I’m sure you have already, but please send out notices again and reiterate this very important concern to the residents. We do not want anything to happen.

Thank you,

Cale Delaney

Sent From Procore.



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