2018 Aquarius Committees

 2018 Aquarius Committees

Approved by the Board of Directors February 22, 2018.

New applications still accepted

Here it is the proposal for establishing Committees of Aquarius C.A. This year a majority of Board members decided not to organize several committees. Some of them that have been in existence in the past are: Social, Legal, Information and Technology, Pets, Restaurant. These are not going to exist in 2018

The expressed reasons are varied such as too many committees, lack of regular activities, new forms of work the majority the Board wants to experiment and others reasons.

The Board entertains the  idea from time to time to organize temporary task force to help in solving some issues or activities such as: Pets, Welcome of New Residents, Information and Technology, Procurement and Contracts, GYM acquisitions etc.  These advisory bodies will formed when the need arises and the Board believes it is necessary.

All Committees serve at the pleasure of the Board and their recommendations are subject to final Board approval.

Please read this roster carefully. Look for misspellings, errors and omissions. If you have someone to recommend for a specific committee please lets this person know. There is a serious need for residents that are motivated to contribute. A strong community is only strong with robust  and effective participation.

What have the Committees of Aquarius done last year? Click here to see some minutes and reports that we have been able to post.


1- Printer Friendly version in Adobe Acrobat file format .pdf

2- Do you want be a Coommittee member? Here is the .pdf form

2018 02 19 committees_roster   

2018 01 30 ACA Committees Form5

2018 Committees of the Aquarius Condominium Association

In alphabetical order:  Beautification, Construction, Finance, Grievance.

This is the first cut of the Roster of Committees of Aquarius. Please verify if your name, telephone and e-mail is correct. The Committees are an important instrument for good decisions after due diligence. For this it is important to keep periodic meetings with concise but of good quality records. The Committees are for exploration, investigation and recommendation of issues, suggestions and other affairs. The output of the Committees is subject of final decision by the Board of Directors.

The idea behind the Committees is to maximize input, facilitate communications and free flow of information. Civil, responsible and cordial behavior is the norm. Free flow of opinions must flourish under a climate of mutual respect, camaraderie and full spirit of partnership.

A Committee member work is not only to manifest opinions and discuss ideas. There is also writing reports, conduct visits, inspections and provide help when needed. In other words a lot of work to make Aquarius Beautiful

Aquarius needs your support. The Board needs your help. The work before us is not small.

There are Committees that have a very large membership. There are Committees where additional volunteers are needed specially: Finance, Housekeeping and Maintenance, Information and Technology  and Pets.

Do you know someone else that could help and he or she is not in this roster?

A few rules:

  1. No more than 2 Committees per individual
  2. Household members may participate
  3. Committees should be open to all owners with a few exceptions such as the Grievance Committee.
  4. Committees must have a Secretary responsible for minutes. Concise and very simple record of the recommendations.
  5. Committees should establish a Calendar of Meetings so participation is maximized.


Committees Members  (Feb. 19, 2018, subject to BOD approval)


Activities related to furniture, painting, interior design, decoration, paintings, landscape, general building decay avoidance, building details.

  • Carole Pumpian, CHAIR 305-761-6536        carole0902@aol.com
  • Delores Flowers                305-812-7833        dinwiddiemiami@aol.com
  • Frida Abrahamian            224-500-4574       fabranhamian@yahoo.com
  • Gloria Cohen                   954-922-7988       gcoastro@gmail.com
  • Laszlo Stern                      954-925-2381         laszlo33019@hotmail.com
  • Melanie Dayan                 786-251-2355           melwillsell@aol.com
  • Nury Gupta                       786-402-4269       bgupta1@yahoo.com
  • Pinky Lebovitz                   412-606-8010        pinky@lebovitz.com
  • Yvana F.B. Berndsen         703-268-6768      yvanafb@yahoo.com



All areas of restoration including decks, pools, electricity, structure, concrete restoration, giving priority to the 40 year recertification project.

  • Zina Bluband, CHAIR                      612-414-0601          zakh46@comcast.net
  • Alex Zoob                                                954-924-1965         alzoob@comcast.net
  • Leonard Finkelberg                         954-2431519           finkelbergll@gmail.com
  • Pamela Ippolito                            954-907-0976        mrsippi1@comcast.net   
  • Sharon (Shery) Smith                         954-663-7229          sharonsmith702@bellsouth.net


Finance general overview, monthly reports overview opinion, avoidance of deficit, delinquencies control, assessments recovery.Preparation of next year budget, follow-up of annual audits. Insurance policies updates.

  • Paul Finfer, Chair            954-598-4004                    pmfinfer@aol.com
  • Emma Smith                    954-241-4620                      esmith1047@gmail.com
  • Leonard Finkelberg        954-243-1519                    finkelbergll@gmail.com

Grievance and Fines  (Florida Law Mandate 718.303, F.S.)

Disputes settlement, due process for fines and violations, rentals supervision, parking lot assignments questions.

  • Joel Cohen, CHAIR             954-922-7988            joelcohenlaw@gmail.com
  • Joan Salvatore                      516-503-6926            joanj21@aol.com
  • Delores Flowers                   305-812-7833                   dinwiddiemiami@aol.com
  • Wendy Miller                      954-921-8181                    wendwoman@aol.com
  • Susan Spain                         954-924-0009                  aliveomo@yahoo.com




About Cecilio Augusto Berndsen

Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Public Administration are areas I am familiar with. I am also interested in photography, wine, sailing, politics, economics, and economic development.
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