Are You Laying Tiles in your Aquarius Balcony?

Are You Laying Tiles in your Aquarius Balcony?


Many residents would like to have tiles in their Aquarius Balconies. The waterproof finish contracted by the Association is a regular grey material.

So, what do you need to do to have your balcony with the tiles of your choice?

1  -Have your option known and registered at the Management Office. The South Tower registration is closed.  Now – August – is the time for the North Tower.

2   -There is a fee of  $.50 (fifty cents) per square foot of the balcony. This fee is charged by the General Contractor Structural Preservation Systems to cover expenses of the water proofing material. This polimer is not the same that is applied in the non-tiles balconies.

3   -Purchase the tiles of your choice. Please note that the tiles must be for exterior and  non slippery. The SIZE (large than 12 by 12 is OK!)  and color of the tiles is your choice. The tiles may not be thicker than 3/8 of an inch or 9.5 mm.

4   -How much tile is needed?     Balconies’ tiles need no less that 15% of additional tiles for cuts, breakdown, etc.
Lines 1 and 4:           223.5 sq ft or 20.76 sq m     (buy at least 260sq ft)
Lines 2, 3, 6 & 7:     111 sq ft or   10.31 sq m         (buy at least  130 sq ft)
Lines 5 & 8:              243 sq ft of  22.5 sq m          (buy at least   280 sq ft)

Here you will find the procedures for tile installation as given by the construction engineer Hillman. Please note the NOA/Miami specifications have been relaxed by the engineer as observed above size and thickness of tile. All other recommendations by the product maker SIKA, must be followed so the guaranty of the waterproof is not voided.

There are also instructions to install the tiles with diagrams provided by Hillman. Please make copies of both documents for your installer to follow them with all details.  The links to download the instructions are also at the bottom of this post.  Diagram 1   Diagram 2

5   – Please hire a reputable tiles installer. The installer must present: valid license, workingmen’s compensation and general liabilities insurance policies.

6  – A City of Hollywood tiles installation permit is not needed.

7   – The Aquarius Condo. Association requires pre approval of  the work. All documentation must be on file before work start.

8  –  There are some ancillary documents such as an affidavit regarding the warranty that the Management Office will be glad to supply.

9  –  After the balcony is given back for your use you have 90 days to complete the laying out of the tiles. After that the SIKA material may lose its waterproofing capabilities what would void the warranty.

Easy? Maybe not,  but following these procedures may assure the balconies last a long, long time.


  1.  Hillman Letter of Nov. 16 with NOA/MIAMI and SIKA installation recommendations     2017 11 16 Tile Procedure

2.   Balcony Tile Layout – Hillman Engineering Specifications 1  2018 02 02 Balcony Tile Layout Hillman

3.    Balcony Tile Layout – Hillman Engineering Specifications 2  2018 02 02 Balcony Tile Layout rend-Hillman


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3 Responses to Are You Laying Tiles in your Aquarius Balcony?

  1. Agnes Shine says:

    I do not understand why if the balconies are considered “common areas” and thus everyone is assessed whether or not their balcony needs repair, why the individual home own must pay to have the balcony tiled. This should have been included in the assessment, so that we know the balconies are as protected as possible. Before we voted for the assessment I spoke to a person on the board and I was told that the balconies would be protected as part of the assessment, I had a very similar conversation about 2 months ago with the same board member who told me the same thing. Now it sounds as if there is a change and that each balcony needs to be tiled to add an additional layer of protection.


    • Cecilio Augusto Berndsen says:

      Dear Ms. Shine
      The balconies will be protected. There is no need to have tiles installed. Many owners prefer tiles to the finished included in the assessment. So engineering accomodations were made to allow them to do it. The finish covered by the assessment is acceptable and it is guaranteed for 5 years. Tiles are optional.
      Those that want tiles will have a special waterproofing that accepts the tile installation and keeps the waterproofing warranty.


  2. Sylvia Fahrner says:

    Could you post names of Reputable Tile Installers, that did the work on the South Building? I was speaking to someone at the Home Depot, but I did not like the Info he gave me?


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