Aquarius Activities Update

Aquarius Activities, a lot of activities


As if the 40-year Recertification effort wasn’t enough, a lot more is going on at the Aquarius. It is just too much!  Smile and take it in stride! The end result will be great! Here are some of the activities worth mentioning:

  1. Beach Replenishment: This is a project that makes our strip of sand wider. It is very important for our enjoyment and surge protection. The project covers a large part of Hollywood Beach. Our section is supposed to be completed by March 2018. While the large trucks bring sand (9000 loads) the beach is closed during weekdays. Weekends the beach is yours to enjoy.
  2. South Tower balconies: About 70 balconies have their concrete slab poured and cured. That’s about 50%. We will have a few more months. If you want to put tiles on your balcony it is time to pick them out. The tiles must be installed within 90 days that the balcony is returned to use. Please follow the directions specified by Hillman Engineering and SIKA (the waterproof material used). After 90 days no tiles? The waterproofing warranty (5 years) will be void. Color and size of the tiles are up to you. Please do not use tiles ticker that the standard.
  3. North Tower: Balcony demolition is being planned. It is supposed to start in March. Be ready: noise, dust, debris are just a few sacrifices we all have to endure.
  4. Impact Windows: If you ever considered installing hurricane proof impact windows, this is the time to do it. Hire your preferred vendor and have permanent protection without the hassle to close and open those ugly shutters. Can I install windows in the South Tower now? Yes Sir (or Madam). Just have your vendor coordinate with Structural (Cale) and proceed! How about the North Tower? The sooner the better.
  5. When is the East Deck going to be ready? And how about the new zero entry (beach entry) infinite pool? The work is proceeding according to schedule. Pool construction to start soon in February.
  6. What is an AT&T workers doing at Aquarius? AT&T is installing fiber optic cables throughout the building. This is a project zero cost for Aquarius. With this fiber optic cable, Aquarius will be able to have about one Gigabyte of Internet speed. Fast and reliable downloads, 4K TV and very reliable landline phone service will be available. Is Aquarius changing from Comcast to ATT? Yes and No. Our contract with Comcast is up for renewal. The Board is collecting proposals. Not only from ATT and Comcast but also from other providers. In any case, even if the community provided TV line-up changes – because the new provider offers a better deal any owner will have the choice of broadband service from ATT or Comcast, and maybe a third vendor. Choice is good, right?
  7. Elevators: The Service Elevator in the North Tower is supposed to enter service before the end of February. After that, work will begin in the Passenger Elevators. One at a time. In the South Tower, a second team started working on Passenger Elevator “A”. Each elevator renovation requires 10 to 18 weeks. We should have all seven Aquarius elevators renewed before Christmas.
  8. Merlin, our claim adjuster has a large team going in every corner of the building to assess the damage caused by the Hurricane Irma. Merlin is a company specialized in preparing insurance claims. They have teamed up with our legal counsel Katzman and Chandler office. They are visiting each and every apartment. Of course, all inspections count with our Security Team as escorts. Please cooperate with them. It’s for your own benefit. It is also important to keep in mind that our building insurance policy has a deductible in excess of one million dollars. A loan has been approved to handle this expense. A special assessment has been approved to cover this deductible. It is advisable that you send your insurance company a copy of the letter that is made available at the Management Office. It is likely, depending on your policy, that your insurance will cover part or all on the deductible.
  9. Super Bowl: February 4th is Super Bowl time. The Cascade Room will have a projector (140 inches screen) set up for the game. Aqua Bistro, our very own Aquarius Restaurant will serve all you can eat munchies (chicken wings, etc.) for those willing to pay $ 20.00. Don’t want eat? No problem. Everyone is welcome. Come and share the excitement of the game and half-time entertainment.
  10. Changing the Aquarius Declaration. Recently we had a restatement of the Aquarius Declaration and two changes were advised by our Legal Counsel. A third one is on the works. We must eliminate clauses that say there is a 99-year lease on Aquarius land. The lease was extinct in 1995 but the obsolete wording is still there in the Declaration. Let’s get rid of it. We own the land of the building and we own the West Parking Lot land. But a “Membership Meeting” is required to approve any change in the Declaration. It is the Law. Please take part of the effort.
  11. HVAC Cooling Towers: The serious damage IRMA hurricane caused to both of Air Conditioning Water Towers determine its replacement. The massive 10+ thousand pound steel water towers need to be hoisted to the roof of the buildings. If all happens according to the plans we will have full Air Conditioning working before the end of March. Soon details of this major undertaking will be available.
  12. Under study is the installation of Impact Windows in the Lobby, Green Room and Restaurant. This will permit the removal of the old storm shutters that protect these areas. There is no schedule for this project.
  13. West Parking Lot renovation. Under study the repair of the surface of the West Parking Lot. Aquarius is receiving proposals and the BOD will consider this project in the near future.
  14. Stay tuned. More information to come!

Aditional info? You may check the week report of the Property Manager Adrian Paredes  HERE








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