Rosario (Roy) Di Maria Left Us

Roy Di Maria Left Aquarius


We are very sorry to let you know that our good friend and wonderful neighbor Rosario (Roy) Di Maria is not anymore among us since last night, December 23, 2017.

Roy, a Veteran of the United States Air Force, was an active participant in the travails of Aquarius. He served for several years as Chair of the Construction Committee where his enthusiasm, energy, consensus seeking was a contagious positive force in our Community.

He leaves his lovely and equally active wife Nancy Arman.

Funeral Ceremonies:

♦  The Viewing:     Wednesday, December 27, 2017   from 2 to 4 pm
Scarano Presidential Circle Memorial Chapel
4351 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood FL   33021

♦  Funeral Service:    Thursday, December 28, 2017    3:30 pm
St. Matthews Catholic Church
542 Blue Heron Drive, Hallandale FL  33009 

Nancy and Roy in 2016

Sissel KyrkjebØ                 sings  Going Home,                     Northern Lights album

(Dvořák / Fisher)

Going home, going home
I’m jus’ going home
Quiet like, some still day
I’m jus’ going home

It’s not far, yes close by
Through an open door
Work all done, care laid by
Going to fear no more

Mother’s there ‘specting me
Father’s waiting, too
Lots of folk gathered there
All the friends I knew

All the friends I knew

I’m going home

Nothing lost, all’s gain
No more fret nor pain
No more stumbling on the way
No more longing for the day
Going to roam no more

Morning star lights the way
Restless dream all done
Shadows gone, break of day
Real life yes begun

There’s no break, ain’t no end
Jus’ a livin’ on
Wide awake with a smile
Going on and on

Going home, going home
I’m jus’ going home
It’s not far, yes close by
Through an open door
I’m jus’ going home

Going home, going home



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