Hollywood Beach Nourishment 2017 2018

Hollywood Beach Nourishment  2017 – 2018

Great News!

Another Hollywood Beach Nourishment project will start very soon. Aquarius is going to benefit from this initiative.  The gallery bellow show some technical details of this beach nourishment. So it’s not very far ahead that will have a wider sand beach and a much better protection against king tides and storm surges.

Beach nourishment is not only for recreation. It is for serious ocean front residences protection. In New Jersey and New York all the beaches that have had beach nourishment enjoyed a much better protection in the Storm Sandy in 2012. Homes and other buildings in areas without beach nourishment suffered great losses.

Some highlights of the project

  • Project has a North and a South Segments. Kick off December 2017.
  • Each segment will take from 6 to 7 weeks
  • Word stage for South Segment will be at Magnolia Terrace between Quadomain and Wave Condominiums, at Keating Park.
  • Aquarius Condominium work area is depicted at slides 9, 10 and 12.
  • South Segment will will North at Iris Terrace to the area in front of The Tides Condominium by the Hallandale City limits.
  • 3600 Truckloads of sand will be used.

We would like to thank Mr. John Waszak, from ATM Engineering,  that shared the slides of his presentation on this exciting project that will benefit and protect Aquarius.

Click any slide and use the arrows to see all the presentation.




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