2018 Aquarius condominium Association – Maintenance Schedule of Payments

 Aquarius Condominium Association

2018  Maintenance Fee Schedule       (This doc. has 3 pages)

Regular Operational Assessment no Reserves
January 1, 2018   to December 31,   2018
Apartment Type Monthly Fee  
N- #01. #04 $841.34  
  N- #02. #06, #07 $624.75  
  N- #03 $540.51  
  N- #05. #08 $916.62  
  N- PH 1. PH 4 $891.84  
  N- PH 2, PH 6, PH 7 $715.53  
  N- PH 3 $617.24  
  N- PH 5, PH 8 $916.62  
  S- #01,#04 $840.15  
  S- #02, #06, #07 $638.76  
  S- #03 $540.51  
  S- #05, #08 $914.50  
  S- PH 1. PH 4 $891.86  
  S- PH 2, PH 6, PH 7 $715.53  
  S- PH 3 $617.27  
  S- PH 5, PH 8 $914.50


You may use several forms to pay the Aquarius Regular and Special Assessments

The proposed 2018 budget was passed on November 16, 2017 by the Board of Directors. Also, the membership successfully waived the funding of the reserves for 2018.

Included in the package that will be delivered very soon is a coupon booklet for regular maintenance and a coupon booklet for your interest-only special assessment payments. Please refer to the payment options and lockbox addresses information below to ensure your payments are received on time.

Forms of payment:

– Using owner’s Bank payment service – free, guaranteed, usually requires 5 days lead time. Can be set for periodic payments and changed any time. It works for Regular and Special Assessments. Please avoid the use of the “memo line” to identify owners unit.  Include your unit number in the “pay to the order of” or  “payee”.

Check mailed or hand delivered to Management Office – free. This is the traditional way to pay. The disadvantage is that must be done every month. The Management Office does not keep checks to be posted in the future. For non-permanent residents may be an inconvenience.

ACH -(Automated Clearing House) – Management withdraws directly from Owners Bank account. Can not be used for variable payments like lumps sums of Special Assessment for example. It works well for ‘set and forget it.’  Requires a set up by Atlantic Pacific Management. Forms available at the Management Office.

DUESPAYMENT. (duespayment.com) This is a service available to Aquarius owners. The main advantage is to  accept credit cards and debt cards. Payments can be made from anywhere – Canada, Brazil, Abu Dhabi etc. For non-USA funding the Credit Card or Debt Card is very helpful. The cost varies depending on the funding source it may
be 2% to 2.95% plus additional fee in some cases. The set up is in the  website   duespayment.com

The correct address for the Special Assessment 2017 is:

c/o Atlantic Pacific Management
P.O. Box 163633
Miami FL  33116-3633
The payee line should have the following:
Aquarius CA –  SA 2017 Apt. XXXXX   (where xxxxx is the unit number)
The correct address for the Regular Assessment 2017 – Maintenance is:

c/o  Atlantic Pacific Management
P.O. Box 19767
Miami FL 33101-9767
Pay to the order of:  Aquarius CA- Maintenance – Apt. XXXXx  (where xxxxx is the unit number)



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