40 Year Re-Cert. – Concrete Work Needs to be Inside Some Apartments

40 Year Re-Cert. – Concrete Work Needs to be Inside Some Apartments

October 2017

The 40 Year Re Certification exercise in progress at Aquarius reveals that the concrete deterioration is beyond the balconies. In some case the rust in the steel rebars and the fracture of the concrete has advanced inside the apartments.

A number of units have this problem. When this is found a protective temporary wood wall is installed inside the apartment. The intrusion is minimized but it is necessary to find “good”  concrete  (not fractured) and “good”  steel rebar reinforcement (no rust, no steel erosion).

These pictures show some of the work in progress. The intrusion in any apartment unit is not agreeable. Noise, dust and the possibility of some damage in a floor installation hard to replace are some of the observable disruptions. The patience and collaboration of the residents is very much needed.

The Aquarius Association (BOD. Management and Security) as well as Hillman Engineering and Structural Preservation Systems are very aware of the inconvenience this intrusion may cause. Great care is the highest priority to all.

Every Thursday at 11:00 am the representatives of Structural and Hillman  are available to give interested owners explanations to solve doubts and questions.

These meetings are conducted by the Aquarius Construction Committee an advisory body to the Board of Directors.  All Aquarius residents are welcome.

Click any picture and start the slides show. Click in the arrows to move from one picture to the other.



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