Status of Discount Program for Impact Windows – Aquarius



April, 16, 2017.

Without cost to the Condo, Hillman Engineering, the engineer of record  for the 40 year reconstruction project,  has undertaken preparation of specifications for impact resistant hurricane windows [impact windows] for the residential units of the Aquarius Condominium.   This will:

  1. Identify and differentiate the 4 model
  2. Field measure all windows within the 4 model units
  3. Correspond with the board of directors to incorporate desired aesthetic and alternative options into the design
  4. Provide all engineering wind load calculations and attachments the windows
  5. Provide a window manufactured with a Dade County Product Approval with a Notice of Acceptance specification that will conform to the engineering requirements and aesthetics

When complete, Structural Steel, the general contractor for the reconstruction project, will secure prices for the impact windows that will allow for a discount in bulk price based upon the number of unit owners who join in the discount program.  The more that join, the lower the price!

Structural Steel will secure the firm to install the impact windows, but the responsible party will be Structural for down payments, for performance and for warranty, that will insure the unit owners of a responsible firm to look to should problems arise.

We now have some 44 owners who have indicated they are in the discount program.

It is important for all of you who have not joined in the discount program as of this date to join ASAP, so that we can secure a greater discount.

To join, please e-mail with your name, unit #, phone # and e-mail address.

 Seth Gelman

Joel Cohen 917 991 1709


This is a note that is being posted without any editing. The author asked to not change any of his writing.









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