Letter from Aquarius Owner Paul Wilk January 15, 2017

LOGO LOVELetter from Aquarius Owner Paul Wilk   January 15, 2017


I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You ” to the current Board of Directors of The Aquarius Condo Association for their due diligence & efforts to bring the Aquarius back from the rubbles of the past to a bright & new potential future. This can only be achieved by hard work, & unselfishly giving up personal time & energy of each & every Board member to work diligently towards the mutual goal of making the “Aquarius Great Again.” I am kindly asking every unit owner to look deep in their minds & souls to re-elect the current Board Members. We have come so far & yet have so much farther to go.

However, the time, money & effort will surely be rewarded many times over. Please do not be shortsighted & think about the assessment as a negative, instead realize it’s the beginning of a bright new future for all of us at the Beautiful Aquarius.The pot of gold is there at the end of the rainbow to all that have the foresight & vision of the future.

Please choose wisely as this may be the most important financial decision you will make in 2017.

Thank you,

Kind regards,

Paul Wilk,   204-N


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Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Public Administration are areas I am familiar with. I am also interested in photography, wine, sailing, politics, economics, and economic development.
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