Victor Rocha responds to a letter of Mr. Kim

LOGO BLUEVictor Rocha responds to a letter of Mr. Kim

Response to letter from Yulian Kin 803-N

Dear Aquarius Residents,

Yesterday a letter was e-blasted from a resident by the name of Yulian Kin of Unit 803-N. It was interesting to note that the subject matter writing style, syntax and format were almost identical to a letter previously published by the opposition to making Aquarius Beautiful Again. Once again, it’s a false narrative unsupported by facts, science, financial considerations and quite frankly, common sense.

I have a great deal of confidence that our Aquarian owners are very intelligent and as such I found said letter to be an insult to our intelligence. It is noteworthy that whoever is composing these letters, which are replete with outrageous falsehoods and lies, does not even respect the people to whom these lies and falsehoods are directed. At the very least, these folks should come up with a set of lies that have a modicum of truth in order to make them somewhat believable.

I expect to see more of these propaganda style missives in the near future as the election nears. Apparently, these tactics have worked before. Consequently, the folks who have previously used these tactics to their advantage will attempt to use them again. Their objective is not to safeguard and maintain the value of the building. Their goal is to be able to say to all their friends and acquaintances that they live on ocean front property. They fail to take into consideration that the property must be properly maintained and restored.

Please look around my dear residents. The proof is everywhere that the concrete is pulverizing before your very eyes. Aquarius must be restored in the proper fashion as recommended by sound engineering principles and BROWARD county code requirements. Rest assured that the science, the economic advantages and the common sense dictate that all balconies be replaced.

Have a Beautiful Aquarius Day!

Victor E Rocha PA, Treasurer of the Board of Directors of Aquarius
Admitted to Practice Law in Florida, New York and the District of Columbia.

Note from the webmaster: The letter from Mr. Kim is not
 being posted at this time because it was not
 submitted for publication at the site.
 Even as we do not agree with the points 
in that letter we will publish, if submitted to 
publication, and if it is not offensive, 
illegal or otherwise improper.


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