Special Assessment 2017 – Slides of the Presentation December 2016

AQUARIUS-3D logo Special Assessment 2017 – Slides of the Presentation of December 2016

These slides were presented at an informational meeting for the owners of the Aquarius Condominium. The presenters were: Messrs. Victor Rocha, Board of Directors Treasurer, Andrew Di Cesare, from Hillman Engineering and Thomas Laubenthal, Principal of Landscape Architect Consultants.

All figures here presented are tentative. Some items do not add to the 15 million dollars of the proposed Special Assessment of 2017 due to a variety of issues. Contracts are under negotiation, some items require Owners approval, cost variance is possible.

It is important to stress two important points:

  1. The Board of Directors is firmly committed to not let the total cost go over the 15 million dollars proposed.
  2. All the numbers are the result of serious diligence. Market surveys, estimates done by consulting experts, solicitation of proposals from vendors of excellent reputation were some of the tools used to put forward a firm, solid and comprehensive proposal. Due to the size and multiple aspects of the several projects, some adjustments are expected.

Special thanks should be given to Messrs. William Coleman, A|P Management Regional Manager and Leonard Finkelberg former Aquarius Cond. Board of Directors member. Mr. Coleman actively worked in securing credit to fund the project as well as have prepared several financial scenarios for the Board of Directors consideration. Mr. Finkelberg worked diligently revising the presentation numbers and indicated several necessary corrections.

Of course, the Board of Directors assumes complete responsibility for any mistakes or omissions of the presentation

If the show of slides does not appear in a clear way it is possible to view it by clicking  here.


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1 Response to Special Assessment 2017 – Slides of the Presentation December 2016

  1. Val Boyarsky says:

    Do we have any detailed estimates on the time length of proposed plan? Also, what special methods and strategies selected contractor will employ to minimize noise and other disturbance to condominium community ?




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