Aquarius Mini Gym September 2016

LOGO LADYAquarius Mini Gym     September 2016



As many Aquarius residents are aware we are refurbishing the Gym Bathrooms. This work will provide the community with an  40 + years update. It will make the place safer, more comfortable with all vapor and dry saunas working.

Unfortunately during the construction it is not possible to keep the Gym open. It is not safe and it will delay the construction exercise. In an attempt to minimize the inconvenience a “MINI GYM” has been installed in the Alcove (between the Library and the Cascade Room).  There we have four stationary bikes, one treadmill and two inversion equipment.

The always caring Harry Smith selected the machines that have the most use and that could be transported without danger of breakage. He is studying the possibility to bring some free weights to complement this make-up, temporary mini gym.

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  1. mrsippi1 says:

    Thanks to ALL involved….

    Pam Ippolito


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