Aquarius Board of Directors Meeting of April 21, 2016 Minutes

LOGO LOVEAquarius Board of Directors Meeting of April 21, 2016 Minutes


With Bhagwan (Buck) Gupta, Linda Satz, and Sofia Ferenburg present the meeting was called to order at 6:33 p.m. Cecílio Berndsen came to the meeting but was seated in the audience at 6:22 p.m. Victor Rocha did not attend this meeting.

Linda Satz made a motion to approve the minutes. Sofia Ferenburg seconded the motion. It was passed unanimously.

President mentioned 15 items as part of his report:

1) Valet parking and lobby opened April 4th 2016;

2) Gym roof placement. This project is out for Bid. We should have cost next week as well as the mechanical equipment replacement;

3) Plans and specifications being developed for renovation to men and women’s bathrooms;

4) Repairs to North Gate have been authorized. The operation will be controlled by the security desk; in the lobby;

5) Pool service company has been changed and a contract needs to be ratified;

6) A landscaping company has been contracted to take care of all the plants on East and West decks as well as valet area;

7) All doors to utilize Galaxy system has been authorized for North Tower;

8) Board needs to vote for a similar installation for South Tower;

9) A proposal to secure Vertlinc software was approved on April 5th. Personnel involved in implementation are coordinating their efforts at this time;

10) An engagement letter to retain current Auditors for 2015 fiscal year needs to be authorized and signed by the Board. The Board plans to engage new auditors for 2016;

11) Proposal to raise charges for valet fee. Currently it is 2/4. The Board approved new fees 5/10 effective June 1, 2016;

12) Board is negotiating with firms being considered for 40 year certification; 1  Hillman, 2 M2E, 3 S& D Engineering;

13) 10 security cameras original count are being installed at this time. Additional 23+ cameras are awaiting a cost proposal for installation to be presented to Board.

14) Sound system for lobby and adjoining rooms is being implemented;

15) Lights at the entrance and exiting the ramps are being installed.

Manager’s report

  • Topics Discussed
  • Parking- Regional Manager -Billy explained the process;  New Building Access and Parking Rules    click HERE
  • Furniture for the lobby has been ordered;
  • Billiard Room A/C unit replaced. Carpet has been installed.
  • Phase 1.5 $3,070.00 10 cameras
  • Board ratified following contracts:
  • Repair North Gate entrance Security Gate/Receiving;
  • Approved termination of Miami Pool Tech and All About Pools new vendor opportunity;
  • Amendment to Pineda Landscaping contract;
  • Adoption to secure Vertilinc Integration software;
  • Approved the installation of Galaxy Access software.
  • Decision approving choice of Auditor for fiscal year of 2015 which is Krblich.

The President of the Board decided- Parking space list that has been generated. It will be considered official on April 28, 2016;

Motion: Secretary of the Board approved the parking fee to $5.00 for daytime and $10.00 for overnight. Sofia seconded this motion. Two chits for $2.00. One sticker in the day is needed and 2 stickers are needed for the night. This change of increase Will start June 1, 2016.

Regional Manager’s Report

  • Financials were reported
  • Reported that operations documents from the entire project is in the office.
  • Handicap signs/Valet signs are going to come down;
  • Leak at the fountain will be addressed/ grates will be addressed at West pool desk to be addressed;
  • Awning over the handicap ramps (Possible);
  • CSI Company does not want to move flag pole. CSI says they will need a Permit to remove the pole and replace with the correct size of the pole.
  • Discussion was had about the pool attendant service and management was requested to look into new pool & beach services.

Motion to Adjourn: proposed by Linda Satz, carried.

Meeting adjourned 8:49 pm


Linda Satz


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