Quick Updates: Lobby, Central HVAC work and Valet Deck

LOGO SILHOUETTEQuick Updates: Lobby, Central HVAC work and Valet Deck



1   –    Lobby

The City of Hollywood has inspected and approved the repairs in the air conditioning of the Lobby. The work of Vmech has granted Aquarius the approval and closing of the City Permit for this portion of the Lobby reconstruction.

Now the work of reconstruction will proceed!

2   –    Central Air Conditioning system of the building

The kick off meeting happened in the morning of January 15, 2016. Dan Austin presented the blue prints of the new system and enumerated the modus-operandi of the work. The completion of the project should be achieved in approximately 16 weeks. Mr. Austin is the Mechanical Engineer hired by Aquarius to design and supervise the work. The work will be performed by Vmech, under the surveillance of Mr. Austin.

Present were William Colleman, Regional Manager, David Slavin, Community Manager and two Engineers from Vmech that will be directly involved in the project execution.

From the Aquarius Condo Association were present the President Ilya G. and Director Boris E. A small number of owners were present among them Pam I., Peter S., and Cecilio-Augusto B.

Mr. Gonorovsky, President of BOD informs that the compressors and other components of the new system have been ordered and should arrive in a few weeks.

The HVAC contract, denominated Prime Construction Contract has been posted in the aquariuscondo.net  web site under Documents, select the category Contracts, look for Prime Construction Contract at the bottom.

3   –    Leaks Found in the Garage under the Valet Deck

Mr. Gonorovsky and A&P are working with CSI – the General Contractor responsible for the project – for a prompt solution of the water leaks occurring in several points of the west side of the garage.

ACG, the Engineering firm responsible for overseeing the project, has been called to offer suggestion.



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