Why was a CSI proposal removed from the Aquarius site?

LOGO LOVEWhy was a CSI proposal removed from the Aquarius site?

Are we victims of a scary a conspiracy?

A proposal from CSI was removed hours after posted in the Aquarius.net. A number of owners wonder why. Also the explanation of the President of Board left many people scratching their heads.  Here some written reactions:


From Cecilio-Augusto Berndsen, 1005 N       ceciliob@gmail.com

CSI proposal was removed from the Aquariuscondo.net a few hours after posted. BOD President Ilya Gonorovsky ordered the removal. Then he took the opportunity to campaign for re-election to the Board of Directors with a couple of supposedly official communiqués that are clearly political self promotional contraptions. The use of community resources such as bulletin boards, paper, website is not right if used to foster individual candidates political standing. A few questions without good answers:

  • Are the owners of Aquarius immature  that need protection from Mr. Gonorovsky from a commercial proposal? Can the owners judge a proposal by themselves?
  • Where the removal of documents fits in the pledge of transparency?
  • What does this proposal has to do with former BOD members Cohen and Yousef?
  • Why a proposal would bring  “a lot of unnecessary rumors, doubts, and accusations”?


From: Victor Ort <justicevic@aol.com>     1605N

Two of your duly elected Board members President John Yousef and Vice President Joel Cohen were removed because the Board was one day late in rendering its decision rejecting the recall petition. Foremost among a number of reasons for the proposed rejection was that the number of signatures preferred was below the minimum number required-even assuming the remaining signatures all were valid   (which they were not). Not less than 44 original signers validly and timely revoked their support of the recall before it was submitted to the elected Board.

Why did so many of your fellow unit owners make the effort to rescind their signatures?

Because they were threatened, coerced and even lied to in order to get them to put their names on the recall petition to begin with.

  • Were you told that by anyone that John and Joel were stealing Aquarius monies?
  • Were you told by anyone that the Board was getting kickbacks from any of the condo’s contractors?
  • Were you told that you did not have to pay the enacted assessment and/or your maintenance?
  • Were you told that the elected Board was looking to spend as much money as they could on unneeded projects?
  • Were you told that there was no need to pay because homestead residence owner could not be evicted?

These and many other misrepresentations were made to many unit owners by many of the individuals who are now seeking to be elected to our Board of Directors. You know who made those misrepresentations to you. Make them answer for that dishonesty now.

From Joel Cohen           1401 S        joelcohenlaw@gmail.com

A few weeks ago the President of CSI distributed a  proposal to do the east pool deck and the balconies with picket fences on both buildings at a cost of $15.5M payable over a period of 11 years at approx. $436.00 per unit per month .

It was just a proposal, nothing more. Our manager Mr. Slavin posted it on the website.

Ilya G., our President, ordered it removed from the website an hour later for reasons that are unclear.

All CSI was doing was telling us that, if we wanted CSI to do the work, that was the cost.  Ilya G. chose to interject intrigue into a simple, non-binding proposal.

CSI was trying to give us an idea of the costs of fixing the problem and Ilya G., who  professes to want transparency, pulled the proposal to hide the truth.

Then, Ilya G. said that the acceptance of four million dollar assessment in five payments without scope of work justification and proper bids, caused the recall of John Yousef and Joel Cohen.  Let’s see if Ilya’s statement is true.

Ilya G. was Secretary of the Board previous to the recall.  As Secretary, he was responsible  for the records of the Condo.   He was personally familiar with every item in the  Assessment.  He has just suffered a memory loss.  He owes John and Joel a personal apology that he should immediately disseminate to every unit owner.

From: Victor Ort         1605N

RIDICULOUS! There are serious CREDIBILITY issues here. CSI was retained by the Aquarius Board of Directors by contract dated November 2014  and signed by then BOD members Roman  Kisler and  Arkady Chase. Neither John Yousef nor Joel  Cohen had anything whatsoever to do with bringing CSI in on the West pool deck job. True, they happened to still be on the Board in July, 2015 but Ilya became a Board member in January, 2015. In spite of that he claims he first became aware of the balcony/window proposal in December. How can an elected individual have so little respect or regard for the unit owners that he would make such a false statement. What was he doing sitting on the Board if he wasn’t aware of what was going on? How could he possibly of been so out of touch? There are only five (5) Directors. They all knew what was going on at all times.

From: Vic Rocha <vicrocha@comcast.net>     502 S
To: Aquarius Website Administrator <administrator@aquariuscondo.net>
Subject: Re: President about the withdrawn CSI proposal – Aquarius Condominium eMail Bulletin

Dear Mr Ilya. You just cannot make hollow, empty accusations as to Monsieurs Cohen and Yousseff without having or producing any proof as to what you are saying. This is pure “propaganda” that you are uttering. If you have proof of what you are saying please produce it now. It is very unbecoming for a President of the Board of Directors to circulate such unsubstantiated venom. You should withdraw your comments as a gentleman and apologize to the gentlemen you falsely accused.

Sent from my iPhone, Victor E. Rocha, Victor E Rocha PA, 990 Biscayne Blvd., Suite O-903, Miami, Florida, 33132  Telephone (305) 774-9111,  Cell (305) 479-7770Admitted to Practice Law in Florida, New York and the District of Columbia.


You can read the letters from Mr. Gonorovsky in the official Aquarius Condo. Ass. site aquariuscondo.net



About Cecilio Augusto Berndsen

Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Public Administration are areas I am familiar with. I am also interested in photography, wine, sailing, politics, economics, and economic development.
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1 Response to Why was a CSI proposal removed from the Aquarius site?

  1. Nelly Krasnopolsky, 901-N says:

    I want to comment on those messages that people who want to be elected for 2016 board wrote above. I feel that those people are new to the building and don’t have a full picture of what was going on here.


    155 apartment owners out of 288 apartments of Aquarius signed a petition to remove Mr. Cohen and Mr. Yousef from the board. And it was not because of the reasons mentioned in Mr. Ort’s message here. Nobody was ‘threatened, coerced and even lied to in order to get them to put their names on the recall petition’.
    Everybody in Aquarius understands that we need to fix our buildings but people were frustrated and still are because of money mismanagement. People did not agree with $4 mln assessment where half of the money were not contracted, there was no scope of work defined, no permits for the projected work. People felt that proposed projects were overpriced and could be done using another company, not the one that could not fix the west side pool right from the first time. When they were asking Mr. Cohen about it, he did not give an explanation, he was telling that we elected him and he will decide what to do.

    And why do we need to spend another 15.5 mln? Balconies were fixed in 2006, they don’t need to be replaced. I know that there was a recent 80,000 project to fix 32 balconies. What happen to it?
    Why only some of the balconies were fixed and not all 32?

    If people of Aquarius want to beautify their balconies, not replace as there is no necessity for it, they need to be asked and vote on those multi million assessments.

    If we need to fix east pool, board needs to ask people if they want to do a full replacement of a deck also.

    I feel that we need the people on the board who understands a construction business, who will be doing necessary repairs to the building, who will be saving our money the same way as their own apartments but you guys lost my voice after what you wrote above.

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