Yelena Kazakova – Candidate for the Board of Directors of Aquarius


Candidate for the Board of Directors of Aquarius


Dear Aquarius Residents,


I, Yelena Kazakova, have been a Florida resident for 18 years. I purchased my condo in 2013, I  became a full-time resident of Aquarius in 2014. I love our condominium and feel at home here.

I work as a Physician Assistant at Mount Sinai Hospital. I enjoy my career 
and love coming home every day to the best place on Earth – my condo in  Aquarius.

Unfortunately lately our beloved condominium has been embroiled in
turmoil of endless construction. This has caused all kinds of unpleasant
situations ranging from the simple inconvenience of living without normal
access to the garage to paying large unjustified sums of money to
construction companies and other “professionals”. Relationships between
the residents have suffered because they are forced to pick between “bad
and worse”, and people just have lost hope. They do not trust to anyone
who is running for the board.

Meantime we are all living in ruins instead of enjoying the gem Aquarius
could be!!!

I am running for the Board of Directors because I want to make our condo
not just livable, but beautiful and peaceful. I, like everyone else here,
understand that we need to fix our condominium, physically and spiritually. The only way to do it is honesty and transparency. There are ways to improve the appearance of our building and make it financially sensitive to unit owners. We need to use our own resources to increase revenue for the building. We can promote rentals of our facilities like the library, restaurant and hair salon. We can truly negotiate all our contracts. If elected to the board, I will work hard and I will make sure that every project is discussed with and voted by the residents, no exception!!! I will obey the wishes of majority of our residents; all decisions about the condominium will be made according to our by-laws.

I also want to improve the neighborhood unity and overall moral climate of  the building. I want to erase the inter-national misunderstanding and mistrust.

I pledge to make our building the best building to live in on Hollywood Beach.
Very Truly Yours,
Yelena Kazakova.
2751 S Ocean Dr, App 502-S
Hollywood, FL 33019


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