Progress Report on Construction at Aquarius October 2sd, 2015


Progress Report on Construction at Aquarius      October 2sd, 2015


ACG Engineering Services, our Aquarius Engineer Consultant submitted the following report on the progress of the work being performed by CSI on West and Valet Decks. He also present the progress on the work of Hollywood Tiles and the MSI Pool firm working at the West Deck.

Two notes:

  1. CSI has almost completed East end of the West Deck repairs. The boder of the deck had revestiment that had to be removed and caused some water damage at the hall at the Gym and Restaurant entrances. The work should solve these problems.
  2. The City of Hollywood has not granted the permit for the work at the Lobby. This week no work has been done.


ACG Report

October 2, 2015

To:       Board of Directors

Aquarius Condominium Association, Inc.

Re:       Project up date


As per the Board’s request, we have prepared a project update on the different phases and projects in progress at the Aquarius Condominium. The following are the updates until October 1, 2015:

West Pool Upper Deck:

2015 10 02 W Deck Bath ACG

2015 10 02 W Deck Shower ACG

The contractor has finished the bathrooms. The two doors will be painted today and installed Saturday. They will clean the bathrooms and wait for the pavers to be fixed in order to close the permit. Hollywood stone has been on site but no work has been done. The manager has been calling them to be on site as soon as possible to call for final inspection
2015 10 02 W Deck Pool 1 ACG2015 10 02 W Deck Pool 2 ACG

The pool company has finished the pool work. Hollywood Stone has said that they will not install the pavers around the pool. Perfect Picture has decided to do it themselves but there are not enough pavers. The owner of Perfect Picture has been in contact with the manager to address this issue. As soon as the pavers are installed by Hollywood Pavers around the bathroom, they will call for final inspection.

The landscaping contractor has finished planting all the planters. The manager has contacted Hollywood Stone to schedule the acid wash. The new canopy was rescheduled to be installed October 2, 2015.

Lobby Deck


Phase I




CSI no work has been done on this area since last week.


Phase II, III and IV




The contractor has water tested Phases II, III and IV, from this water test we have marked two new drain locations. They have started building all the curbs and are planning to place them next week Friday (due to rain they are behind their schedule two weeks). The contractor has scheduled paver installation to start October 12, 2015. The manager has been notified that the stone and the soil for the two front planters should be delivered in the next two weeks. New planters have been ordered.


After meeting and agreeing with the contractor this are the phase %’s of completion:


Phase I                                     98%

Phase II                                    85%

Phase III                                   85%

Phase IV                                  85%

Bathroom and Shower            98%


Please call me should you have any questions or require further clarification.



Andres Caicedo,  President




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