Eugenia Rosen writes about Units in Arrears at Aquarius


Letter from Eugenia Rosen  (Apt. 1105S)
Date: 7/28/2015

Posted by General Manager

July 27, 2015

To the Aquarius General Manager, the Aquarius Board, and to those unit owners who are in arrears in payments:

I just received a much delayed email citing a deficiency in our Aquarius accounts to the tune of $470,601. 47. This was attributed to those unit owners who have not paid their maintenance, the 2013 special assessments, and the 2015 special assessments.


If one lives in a condo, we must comply by the rules. If one does not pay their obligations, as stated in our bylaws, they should not be permitted to use our amenities, such as the pool, gym, and beach and should not be allowed to bring guests.

Further, unit owners who are delinquent are really invading the pockets of those who are up to date in payments (not the other way around… It is not that the board is invading the pockets of unit owners, as rumor has it).


Our condominium has to be brought to its original quality of life on the beach. We must be neighborly and respectful to each other, but at the same time, we must adhere to our financial obligations to maintain our homes, our investment.

Status updates for full transparency, as originally promised by the Board, must be issued on a timelier basis.

I will ask for this letter to be posted in public areas.

Thank you,

Eugenia Rosen

P.S. The latest is that we have rats in the garage, and they even got into someone’s car. This is totally unacceptable in a building like this.



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1 Response to Eugenia Rosen writes about Units in Arrears at Aquarius

  1. avolchek says:

    I completely agree. However bad decisions of a board can create a complete havoc. Board or actually just one person on the board can cause a terrible harm


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