Board of Directors Emergency Meeting March 6, 2015

Aquarius logoAquarius Condominium Association
Emergency Meeting – Board of Directors
Friday, March 6, 2015


Present: Boris Eydelnant, Joel Cohen, Ilya Gonorovsky, Linda Satz, John Youssef, Andrew Surdovel, Assad Mivza (Attorney for Association)

Also Present:          Unit Owners

Call to Order:      The meeting was called to order at 2:02 p.m.

Subject:                 Changing of Officer’s Position on the Board

Meeting being videotaped.

Boris Eydelnant made a motion to adjourn. Ilya seconded. Motion did not carry.

Joel made a motion to remove Boris as President. Linda seconded.

Ilya commented there is no such thing as an emergency meeting. Should be called by the Secretary and I did not call the meeting.

Boris speaking about examining records and opening valet area. Was very difficult to understand.

Assad the attorney stated that positions are determined by the Board, and the Board can change it if they want.

Joel called the motion to a vote.

Boris NO, Ilya – NO

Joel – YES, John YES,  Linda – YES


“Emergency basis for the meeting is for the continuing operations of association, as the former president’s refusal to perform the duties needed.”

Joel made a motion to make John Youssef President. Linda seconded. Motion carried.

Motion was made to adjourn by John Youssef. Seconded by Joel Cohen.

signed by Ilya  Gonorovsky, Secretary

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