General Manager Progress Report January 2015

The-letter-AGeneral Manager Progress Report

January 2015, posted February 3, 2015

Andrew C. Surdovel, LCAM

Aquarius Lobby

The opening of the prioritized Aquarius lobby is scheduled for the month of April 2015.  We now have signed a contract with Plans & Permits of Sunrise, Florida to manufacture architectural drawings which will delineate the areas to be reconstructed in the Lobby, Cascade room, Green room and the Lobby ADA bathrooms. The cost for the drawings is $3500.00.

Once these drawing are completed, in about a week or two, we then can contact at least three vendors for quotes to reconstruct the Lobby area per the drawings.  These quotes will be reviewed by the Board and a vendor selected to work on the Lobby areas.

We now are in possession of architectural drawing for the soffit of the Valet area.  The drawings have been distributed to three vendors for quotations to reconstruct this area. We should receive these quotations in about two weeks. The quotes will be evaluated and a vendor selected.

West Pool Deck

The pool on the West deck has been filled two times and each time a leak has occurred.  The bottom of the pool has been completely reconstructed. The pool stucco on the sides of the pool has been removed since the leaks have occurred through the sides and additional concrete restoration is now in the works.  Since the pool walls need more restoration the pool will be shored to assure the integrity of the walls will not move during the concrete restoration. Additional parking spaces will be occupied by the shoring posts in the garage to facilitate the shoring. The shoring will be for duration of three weeks so the new concrete can cure and strengthen. As soon as the pool is ready, Reliable Pool will start working on the finishing of the West deck pool.  This will include waterproofing, tiling, and installation of the salt water pool equipment. This project should take a month to complete.

The restrooms on the West pool deck will commence to be built starting the week of February 16th.  The contractor for the restrooms is RTI. The curb foundation for the restrooms has been poured by CSI to allow expedited waterproofing of the West pool deck near the pool.

During the week of February 2nd the paver contractor, Hollywood Stone will start to transport sand and pavers on the West pool deck.  This contractor will be working on the West pool deck for the duration of three to four weeks.

Pool Canopy

The canopy vendor, Miami Awning has prepared drawings of the canopy placement on the West pool deck. The location will be adjacent to the restrooms on the South side of the West pool deck. CSI will locate and install the six leg foundations in the pool deck slab.  This will enable the canopy to withstand 90 mph winds.  Hurricane force winds will require the canopy to be removed and the legs will withstand Category 5 winds.

New Assessment in the Horizon

We need additional funds besides the existing assessment to complete the West pool project and the Valet area. To fund the above projects a forthcoming additional Special Assessment will be determined once the vendors submit their quotations for the requested work.  This proposed assessment will then be sent to each Unit owner and the specified amount required to be supported by each owner.  This notice will require a 14 day notice and a Board meeting to approve the assessment.  Once the assessment is approved, each Unit owner will then have three months to pay for the proposed assessment.

Aquarius Maintenance Depart at your service

Our Aquarius Maintenance department can do in house maintenance on various projects that may be needed in unit owner’s apartments.  These can include but not limited to installation of water saver toilets, faucets, clean and paint exterior doors, pressure washing balconies, etc. The cost for this work by Maintenance is $18.00/ half hour and if two men are required then the cost would be $36.00/ half hour.  If the job is too extensive for our Maintenance department, they can recommend vendors that are trustworthy.


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