Manager’s Report October 18, 2014

The-letter-AAquarius Condominium Association

2751 South Ocean Drive, Hollywood, Florida 33019

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Managers’  Report              Jeff Levine, Chief Engineer

October 12, to October 18, 2014


–  In the north tower we replaced two ballast now all the lights are working.

–  This week the painter started prepping and painting the chiller room, next week he will start the north tower domestic pump-room.

–  After the pump rooms are done I want the painter to start-up again on the columns in the garage.

–  This week we started doing scheduled maintenance on the rooftop exhaust fans, we should be done with the south building next week.

–   We had to open more of the ceiling in the restaurant for the fresh air fan installation.

–   In the south building storage room we started fixing the ceiling at the entry way.

–   In the pool pump-room we cleaned the strainer and back flushed the filters.

–  On the pool deck we removed some of the old furniture and brought up some new.

–   Next week I want to do a coil cleaning on the lobby unit and change the rooftop filters.



Jeff Levine

Chief Engineer

Aquarius Management

Have A Wonderful Week!


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