Manager Report February 21, 1014

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MANAGEMENT REPORT        February 21, 2014


  1. Administrative Items:
  • 2/17/14: Advertisement of a unit for rent in the North building found online stating that cats and dogs are welcome. PM sent a letter to the unit owner to address this issue with their realtor/listing agency.
  • 2/18/14: PM drafted a letter to a unit owner advising of a parking space reassignment. The space was assigned years ago and the correct assignee presented their case for the assignment of the space which provided more reasonable proof of assignment from the developer.
  • 2/18/14: Notice created to restrict parking from the gravel of the south service drive. This area is no longer available for resident overnight parking due to liability concerns. Persons are being directed to park across A1A.
  • 2/19/14: Mirabito gas savings report received indicating that a total of $ 715.08 was saved by the Association for the period of January 15, 2014 through February 15, 2014.
  • 2/19/14: PM placed notices under the windshield wipers of four vehicles parked on the gravel area of the south building informing those drivers of the new restriction on resident parking there. Security was provided with a memo outlining the enforcement process to clear this area and to keep it clear of resident vehicles in the future directing them to the west parking lot.
  • 2/19/14: Star Painting & Waterproofing disassembled the scaffolding over the south garage entry/exit point. It is awaiting removal by the equipment rental company. One compressor remains and a trash bin. All are expected to be removed Thursday 2/20/14.
  • 2/20/14: The navy blue Cadillac Sedan de Ville that was parked illegally in the west lot for a no license plate violation was removed at 11:30 a.m. by Crosstown Towing to their storage yard. The owner was sent a letter advising of such.
  • 2/20/14: No parking in the gravel area of the south building being enforced with two new vehicles receiving notices under their windshield wipers.
  • 2/20/14: Second Notice of violation prepared for a unit owner in the south building that refuses to make repairs to their plumbing leak as required by the governing documents.
  1. Service Projects/Work Orders:
  • PM updating Preventative Maintenance manual. Spreadsheets updated and fresh photographs taken of the equipment. Items not previously in inventory added with inspection sheets created for each piece of equipment.
  • 2/17/14: Lobby level double glass security doors discovered not to be locking. Electromagnet is loose and not securing the door. W/O made out for Eric to check it and see if he can secure the magnet and return the door to its proper function.
  • 2/17/14: PM removed loose concrete from a spalling point outside 208-South.
  • 2/17/14: PM created 27 new work orders for maintenance and housekeeping departments following his daily property inspection.
  • 2/18/14: Star Group on property removing the south garage cover scaffolding.
  • 2/18/14: PM created 10 new work orders for property repairs.
  • 2/18/14: PM received 12 new items from the Housekeeping Committee. New Work Orders made out to address them with the staff.
  • 2/19/14: Star Group on property to complete the disassembly of the scaffolding at the south garage for removal from the property. Final items to be removed today.
  • 2/19/14: PM generated 51new work orders for the staff to perform.

III.  Meetings Held:

  • 2/17/14: PM met with Star Group foreman regarding the removal of their remaining equipment and debris from the west pool deck demolition project.
  • 2/20/14: CSI meeting with project Engineer Andy for a site walk-through to plan staging of equipment.
  • 2/21/14: CSI met with Andy from ACG regarding continuation of deck marking
  • 2/21/14: PM met with unit owner regarding the reassignment of a long disputed parking space. Two owners claim assignment of the space since pre-construction sales began in 1971.
  1. Management Recommendations:
  • Review and update parking decal policy.
  • Review and update the Rules and Regulations of the Association.

VII. Tasks for next week:

  • Continue inspections of common areas for work orders. Follow up and close work orders they are completed.


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  1. My active friend,even if I disagree with you a lot, I have to give you credit for info you are able to put in your blog, if the data taken from history. Remember Santayana – if you forget history, you repeat it again


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