Property Manager Report January 10, 2014


DISTRIBUTION            TITLE           METHOD
Roman Kisler             President               E-Mail
Arkady Chase             Vice President      E-Mail
Emma Smith              Treasurer               E-Mail
Esther Levieyv          Secretary               Hand Delivery
Norman Raven         Director               E-Mail

I. Administrative Items:
•       1/06/14: Letter received from unit owner in the North building for the Board President.
•       1/6/14: Resolution passed unanimously by the Board at a duly called, noticed and held meeting. Amendment to the association Declaration of Condominium items XX and XXX prepared by association attorney Peyton & Bolin will now be sent to the members in accordance with Florida Statutes giving 14 days advance notice.
•       1/7/14: Letter of vehicle violation sent to a unit owner in the South building. A car reportedly belonging to his son has been stored in the west lot for a period of time with no license plate. This is a violation of the governing documents.
•       1/7/14: Letter of multiple violations sent to a unit owner in the south building regarding modifications to their unit underway without association approval and city permits. The unit owner is believed to have been sneaking the contractors into the property through the resident’s vehicle gate.
•       1/8/14: Written request received from a unit owner to review correspondence including legal opinions from the association attorney.
•       1/10/14: Update received from Alliance regarding collection efforts on six (6) active units.

II.     Service Projects/Work Orders:
•       PM updating Preventative Maintenance manual. Spreadsheets updated and fresh photographs taken of the equipment. Items not previously in inventory added with inspection sheets created for each piece of equipment.
•       01/06/14: Parts are in for the reconfiguration of the cooling tower plumbing to eliminate the cavitation noises in the upper part of the buildings. Airstron is scheduled to make these repairs Wednesday 1/14/14 if the weather cooperates.
•       1/6/13: Plumbing repairs began in a corner unit of the south building.
•       1/7/14: South building lower lobby electrical repairs continued. Drop ceiling grid expected to be completed by Wednesday 1/14/14.
•       1/9/14: Sliding glass security door in the north lobby out of service due to water penetration. Service call placed.
•       1/10/14: South lobby glass doors out of service due to computer system outage.
•       1/10/14: Fractured black pipe found in the north part of the main lobby area.
•       1/11/14: Annual roof inspection to be performed Saturday weather permitting.

III.    Meetings Held:
•       01/6/14: Board of Directors meeting held to approve minutes from past meetings and to discuss a resolution to the governing documents to change the responsibility of repairs from the unit owners to the association.
•       1/8/14: Candidates night was held in the Cascade Room with 9 of the eleven candidates speaking on their visions for the future of Aquarius.
•       1/9/14: A town hall meeting was called to educate unit owners on how to complete their forms for the annual meeting and to hear more information.

IV. Management Recommendations:
•       Board to determine which contractor is to perform the deck waterproofing once demolition of the wear slab is completed.
•       Board to determine if a whole building asbestos report should be performed to accommodate the request by the County.
•       Board to determine which pool contractor is to perform the west pool renovation once the waterproofing of the upper pool deck is completed.
•       Consider updating the Rules & Regulations last ratified in 2009.

VII. Tasks for next week:
•       Continue inspections of common areas for work orders.
•       Complete demolition of the valet area for the removal of the stucco soffit ceiling.

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