Manager Report September 13, 2013


Aquarius Condominium Association


Manager’s Report            Brian Seidler


Friday September 13, 2013


  •      Notices for the scheduled building domestic water shut down (9/9/13) were posted and a message placed on the in house television channel.·        Unit owner of 1401-South and 1408-South (Cohen) submitted a request via email for the email addresses on file with the Association per Florida Statute. Response email sent advising that in accordance with FS 720.303(4)(g) does not allow the distribution of unit owner email addresses without their consent.
  •         Skype Interview for purchaser of 1808-South (Kohler) conducted with PM and Faina. Required association documents will be executed and provided.
  •         Interview of purchaser of 1703N performed with Faina in the lobby level Board room. She is paying cash and will begin moving in clothing immediately.
  •         Hearing scheduled for Writ of Possession for CORBELLA unit 301North. The Bank won foreclosure on this unit in March of this year. They are now taking action to remove any occupants of the unit and take physical possession of the unit. PM to inform Alliance.
  •         Executive Plumbing replaced leaking gaskets on domestic water supply line in the North tower.
  •         A/C unit air dryer being changed out with a new unit at the restaurant.
  •          Painting of the newly installed south lower lobby records storage room underway. Electrical connections replaced, carpeting removed and new drywall ceiling installed. Records to be moved into the rear room when job is completed.
  •         Resident advised that they are experiencing a low water pressure in the north building on the 15th floor. Domestic water pump checked and it was determined that pressure was reading at about 96 psi. Pump should normally be operating in the 130 psi range. PM had Eric stop the pump, close and re-open the valves and restart the pump. Pump was restarted in automatic mode which restored the pressure to 130 psi.
  •         Board Meeting was held on Friday September 6, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. to appoint Esther Levieyv to the open seat on the board. Esther will serve as Secretary of the Association until the next regular election.
  •         9/5/13: PM met with B.P. Taurinsky our engineer regarding the sea wall concrete spalling issue. Signed and seal applied drawings for the necessary repairs were supplied to the Association. Contractors interested in providing proposals are to receive them to apply for the necessary permit for repairs.
  •         Construction project meeting held Thursday 9/12/13 with B.P Taurinski, Malcolm of Land Designs, Michael and Aharon of Star Painting, Roman and Esther and Brian representing the Association. Issues discussed included Recap of the west pool deck progress and anticipated completion date, need for a drainage plan to be performed by a civil engineer to be referred by Malcolm, Malcolm scheduling a meeting for selection of a planter design for the Board, and the need for a waterproofing contractor to be made. S decision as to which pool contractor is to be engaged by the Association needs to be made. Discussion was had about the seawall repairs that need to be made to approximately 200 linear feet of seawall.

Photos from construction project will be included in next week bulletin.



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