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April 19, 2012


 Aquarius Security Rules and Procedures  

April 2012





This document provides Rules and Regulations, guidance and clarity on matters important to living at the Aquarius.  The Aquarius residents have cultivated an environment of respect for their neighbors.  We ask that you govern yourself, family, and guests in a manner that protects these buildings in which our homes are located.  In doing so, we expect that ALL Unit Owners, legal residents and their invitees will maintain a civil environment within which we can happily dwell, as well as to ensure the future value of our investment.

 Heretofore, the Association’s Security Rules, Regulations and Procedures have been spread across the various categories contained in the 2009 edition of the HOUSE MANUAL OF RULES & PROCEDURES.  This “restatement” of those Rules, Regulations & Procedures is meant to to consolidate said Rules, Regulations & Procedures in one place; thereby making them easier for Unit Owners to understand and for the Association to apply.  To the extent this restatement does not include all of the Rules & Regulations already specifically covered in the November 2009 edition of our published Aquarius “House Manual of Rules & Procedures”, those unintended exclusions are hereby deemed to be incorporated herein.

The Board of Directors thanks you for your cooperation and for supporting the efforts made by all Aquarius Personnel to ensure that these Rules and Regulations are enforced in a manner that facilitates uniformity and fairness for all who own, reside in and/or are visiting or working in our buildings and on its grounds.



SUBJECT & PURPOSE: To increase security for all – through the clarification and consolidation  of the standard Security policies and procedures to be followed by Unit Owners, legal residents, invitees and Building Management in the use, distribution and tracking of security devices associated with building access  security systems; the admission and comportment of invitees (i.e – family, guests/visitors [both daily and sleepover], contractors, domestic workers, nurses, renters, etc.) to our grounds, buildings, and parking.


Authority: The Declaration of Condominium, Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the Association.


Effective date of restatement: April 19, 2012


Use & Distribution of Security Devices 

  1. An Occupant Information Sheet /Security Device Request Form must be completed by each Unit owner for all security device additions.
  2.  2.Each Unit Owner will receive one window collapsible RF tag and two key-fobs free of charge.
  3. A $100 fee will be collected for each additional RF tag or key-fob or card requested. This charge for the RF tag will not apply in the case where the Unit Owner is replacing the existing vehicle with a replacement vehicle.
  4. A $100.00 refundable deposit will be collected for each temporary key-fob or access card requested.
  5. All executed security device request forms will be filed under each Unit’s Resident File Records.
  6. Lost, stolen or damaged security devices must be reported to the Association’s Manager immediately, and the device will be replaced at a charge of $100.00 per window tag and $100.00 per key-fob. Amounts for future requests may be adjusted to keep up with actual time and replacement costs.
  7. Each window collapsible RF tag will be assigned to a specific vehicle, and will correlate with the specific vehicle description, license plate number; Unit Owner name, address and phone number, and the vehicle’s registration information.
  8. Each key-fob/access card will be assigned to a specific person.
  9. There is a limit of three key-fobs and two collapsible RF tags per Unit that an Owner or Authorized Renter may reasonably and initially request, keeping in mind that Unit Owners are ultimately responsible for the use, control and unauthorized use of the requested security devices.
  10. Prior to or upon the sale of a Unit, the seller must return all issued security devices to the Association Manager for deactivation. Upon receipt of closing documents (Settlement Statement) from buyer or the title company, whichever occurs first, the buyer must meet with the Association Manager to complete a new security device request form to receive activated security devices.


Access Regulations


  1. Database of unit owners. Management will maintain the up-to-date UNIT OWNERS DATA BASE (UODB) for use by all our security systems.  Our current ROSTER of unit owners will be checked and updated, including permanent addresses (if different from Aquarius, contact information), emergency contacts, and any additional information that may be required when the owner cannot be reached.
  2. Keys to Unit. All Unit Owners are required to keep an extra set of current keys to their Unit with the office, for emergencies.  Should any Unit Owner fail to keep an extra set of current keys with the office and an emergency occurs that requires access to the Unit, the Association is authorized to forcibly enter the Unit (including breaking in the door to such Unit, if required) and bill the Unit Owner for any and all the costs thereof.  ALTERNATIVE:  If any Unit Owner (Unit Owner B) decides that it is in her/his benefit to leave a set of current Unit entry keys with a neighbor instead of with the office, that will be acceptable, as long as the office has a current record of which neighbor has those keys, as well as the current contact information for that neighbor.  HOWEVER should this alternative be used in an emergency requiring access to Unit Owner B’s Unit and neither Unit Owner B nor the neighbor listed as having a set of those keys can be reasonably found, the Association is authorized to forcibly enter Unit Owner B’s Unit (including breaking in the door of such Unit), Unit Owner B shall be responsible for any and all costs incurred by the Association to gain access.
  3. Key fobs for building access. All unit owners and renters will receive key fobs for unlimited access to the buildings and all our facilities. Each unit is entitled to a number of free of charge key fob(s) equal to the number of individuals on the recorded warranty deed (up to a maximum of 3 keys). After following all legal procedures, renters will be allowed to receive key fobs, activated only for the lease term, for a fee of $100 per key fob. A security deposit of $100 is also required and will be reimbursed when the key fobs are returned to the office.  If the renter creates any damage to the Association property the Unit Owner will be held financially responsible for fixing the damage.
  4. Key fob distribution.  In order to acquire key fob(s) the unit owners and renters will come to the Manager’s Office to have their pictures taken, and personal data       collected.
  5. Use of key fobs by unit owners and renters. For building access, unit owners and renters must carry their key fobs with them at all times. Key fobs are not transferable.  When the unit owner or the renter uses his/her key fob at any door of the building, his/her picture from the data base will be displayed on the security service monitor.  At the same time, the security monitor will display a live picture of the person opening the door.  The security officer has the right to deny access to the building to any individual who is using somebody else’s key fob.  The only exception to this rule is when a person, by mistake, uses a key fob of another individual legitimately residing at this time in the unit.  This situation will also be logged in the security journal.  The Board encourages all unit owners to pay as much attention to this matter as possible since this is for our protection.  We shall all try to do our best to comply with the rules and to assist our security personnel in fulfilling their duty of protecting us from any unauthorized access to the building.  Lost key fobs will be replaced by the office at a cost of ($100) for        each.
  6.  Guests and Family Members. All unit owners must MUST notify the Management Office or Security 7 days in advance, (in writing) of any guest or family member who will be staying over-night &/or staying in their Unit more than 24 hours.  Additionally, each such Unit Owner must go to the Management office in advance to acquire temporary key fobs for their guests or family members who will remain in their units for longer than 24 hours.  The application must specify names and addresses of all individuals, arrival and departure time, and number of key fobs requested.  The maximum number of key fobs that can be issued to the unit at any given time for guests and family members is two (2). Each key fob requires a deposit of   $100.  Please be advised that the key fobs will be activated only for the announced duration of stay. After this period, these key fobs will be deactivated and must be returned to the office, in exchange for the deposit.  The duration of all visits must also be in compliance with the Documents of the Association. ANY GUEST OR FAMILY MEMBER ARRIVING WITHOUT HAVING BEEN PRE-REGISTERED AT THE OFFICE OR SECURITY DESK, WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ENTER THE BUILDINGS; DESPITE THE DAY OR TIME OF ARRIVAL, AND EVEN IF HE OR SHE HAS THE UNIT OWNER’S KEY FOB.   For those guests or family members visiting for the day, for dinner or such other  period of time less than 24 hours (and are NOT staying overnight), the Unit Owner should notify the Management Office or Security as soon as possible BEFORE such guests &/or family members arrive, to make their entry to the building easier.  If no  advance notice is given in such instances, such guests and/or family members will NOT BE ADMITTED UNLESS THE UNIT OWNER IS ON THE PREMISES AND PERSONALLY AUTHORIZES SUCH ADMITTANCE.
  7. All visitors, except contractors, must be admitted by security personnel through the main lobby.  Before entering the building, the visitor(s) must identify themselves and the unit owner they intend to visit.  If the unit owner is available, and specifically agrees that it is OK to admit the visitor, the security personnel shall open the sliding glass door to the building and process the visitors.  If the Unit Owner is not present in such circumstances and the Unit Owner has not personally and previously authorized such person to be admitted – in writing,  the sliding doors will not be opened, unless the visitor just wants to leave a message or delivery at the security desk.  Every visitor (except for minors accompanied by an appropriate adult) must produce a picture ID.  Visitor(s) will be processed by Security and the required information will be recorded in the log journal.  The record must include time of entry, unit number and name of the person or persons authorized to enter.
  8. Nurses, home attendants, care takers, domestic help, medicine delivery, etc, must check in at the front desk, and be logged and admitted if the Unit Owner grants access to premises. In all cases they must park their vehicles using the Valet services unless they have been given the Unit Owner’s extra key fob, in which case, they may park in the parking lot across the street. Unit Owners in need of special arrangements for transportation may contact Management for assistance.
  9.  All contractors must use the service entrance to the building.  The contractors will approach the security guard at the booth to identify themselves and give the purpose of their visit. The unit owner must get ADVANCE authorization from the office to use contractor services for any purpose, except for emergencies.  The security guard will contact the office first, and then the unit owner, and relay the name of the contractor and the stated reason for the visit.  After authorization by the Office and acknowledgement of the unit owner, the Office will issue a temporary parking permit and an access card, in exchange for the picture ID document or vehicle keys.  After unloading the freight (if any), the contractor must park the vehicle at the space assigned by the security guard. The contractor(s) are allowed to use only the service entrance doors to the North building, or garage entrance doors to the South building. Contractors are only allowed to use Service Elevators. Upon return of the access card, the contractors will have their picture ID or vehicle’s key returned.  The contractors must be warned upon entrance, that they must leave the building promptly before the gate is closed at 4:00 PM sharp.  All visitors must be properly logged in the electronic journal by scanning the provided picture ID. Admittance without proper picture ID is only authorized by the Manager on a case-by-case basis.  Contractors are only allowed on the premises between 8:00AM and 4:00PM – Mondays through Fridays.
  10. Unauthorized Renters, unauthorized access. No renter(s) or visitor(s) of any kind will be allowed to enter the building under any circumstances, unless all rental and/or proper access procedures (including Screening Committee Approval, if required) are properly executed through the Management and/or security office. If the Management office or the security personnel suspects that a person (or a group of persons) unlawfully accessed the building or any of our facilities, such person(s) will be immediately escorted out.  A key fob used for any unauthorized entry to the building will immediately be deactivated, and the associated unit owner(s) will be charged a fine in the amount permitted by law.  In addition, the unit owner will have to obtain new key fob(s) with a double fee penalty of $100 each.

Parking Regulations


  1. Registration of Vehicles. Any vehicle parked on the Condominium Property must be registered at the Aquarius Management office and properly display a permanent or temporary parking permit.   Each unit owner or the unit’s occupant (renter) may register up to 2 (two) vehicles per unit.  The only vehicles that can be parked on the upper and/or lower parking decks must either have parking stickers, or temporary Office issued permission parking slips .  Any additional vehicles must be approved through Association management.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The following items will be required when registering a vehicle: (1)  Drivers License    (2)    Proof of Insurance   (3)   Vehicle Registration   (4) Proof of Unit Ownership or Lease.
  2. Parking Spaces:  All parking spaces are owned by the Association.   From the inception of its’ development until ownership of the Common Areas was passed on to the Association, the Developers assigned parking spaces to Unit Owners.  When ownership of the Common Areas was passed over to the Association, the Board of Directors (pursuant to the Declaration Of Condominium), were given the exclusive right to assign parking spaces.  This transfer by the Developers to the Association also included all parking spaces (in excess of the number of Units) that were unassigned to any Unit. Since then the Association has (as various times) made some Association owned parking spaces available for use by office employees and tradesmen.  All other Association parking spaces have generally been rented (at competitive rates) to Unit Owners who have more than one vehicle; on a first come, first served basis.  As a matter of Security it is imperative that the Association know, at all times, what vehicle is parked in each parking space.  Accordingly, and effective as of the date hereof:
  3. No Unit Owner may allow anyone else to use that Units’ assigned parking space without first notifying the Office and obtaining the Association’s approval, and signing such documents, as may reasonably required.
  4. No Unit Owner may exchange or trade their assigned parking spot to any other Unit owner without the express written approval of the Association, and only after signing such documents and following such rules as the Association may reasonably require.
  5. No Unit Owner may rent his/her/their assigned parking space for any term whatsoever, without first obtaining the Association’s approval, and only after signing such documents and following such such rules as the Association may reasonably require.
  6. Parking access.  Every permanently registered vehicle will receive one free of charge RF decal that will be affixed to the vehicle by our security personnel.  This decal will allow the vehicle to enter any parking facility of the Aquarius.  The decal is associated with the specific vehicle only, and will be permanently damaged if attempt is made to remove it.  If the unit owner allows any person to drive his/her vehicle into parking space and enter the building in any unauthorized manner, the decal will be deactivated immediately, and the new decal will only be issued after collecting a penalty fee of$100.
  7. Decals: Unit owners are entitled to one collapsible RF decal per unit and they will not have an expiration date.  The unit owner may acquire a second decal for a fee of $50.  A renter’s permit will expire on the lease expiration date and they will be required to reactivate their permits periodically. Temporary permits will be issued to all visitors with a term not exceeding one (1) week. The Management may extend the expiration date of temporary permits on a case-by-case basis only. Temporary Permits are non-transferable.
  8. Restriction on commercial vehicles.  Commercial vehicles of any type are only permitted to park on the Condominium Property to conduct business Monday through Friday, during the regular business hours of 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, unless an emergency arises.   Commercial Vehicles cannot be registered for a permanent or temporary parking permit.  Parking of commercial vehicles must be directed by the security personnel, and such vehicles will only be able to park at the West Parking Lot, if there is any available space left.
  9. Restriction on Trucks.  Dual axles or semi-trucks, oversized vehicles that take more than one space or extend the parking space, trucks with oversized wheels, trailers, or RVs will not be allowed to park on condominium property.
  10. Vehicle condition and appearance.  Registered vehicles with a flat or undersized spare tire(s) must be repaired (tire replaced with a normal tire and hubcap) within one week.  Registered Vehicles with extensive body damage, missing body parts, broken/cracked windows, extensive rust damage, or any vehicle that is deemed to be in disrepair, must be repaired or removed within two weeks.  Unregistered Vehicles (including incoming guests’ vehicles and incoming resident’s vehicles) with a flat/spare tire, extensive body damage, missing body parts, broken/cracked windows, extensive rust damage, or any vehicle that is deemed to be in disrepair, will not be issued a permanent or temporary parking permit until the necessary repairs are performed and the vehicle is in an acceptable condition. After a single warning, all vehicles still in disrepair, will be towed away at the owner’s expense, after approval by the Management Office.
  11. Unregistered Vehicles.  Any unregistered vehicle parked anywhere on the condominium property will be towed away at the owner’s expense.
  12. Visitor Parking.  All one-day visitors coming to the Aquarius must park their vehicle using Valet services.  Overnight guests who have been issued valid key fobs may use the West parking lot, across the street.
  13. Roving Patrol.  At the beginning of each shift (all shifts) the Roving Patrol Officer is to perform a legality check of the upper and lower garage level vehicles to ensure all vehicles are authorized by management.  All vehicles not in the possession of a temporary parking pass or a RF sticker with a proper decal are to receive a warning leaflet stating their violation (which will be placed under the driver side wiper blade) and recorded into the Unauthorized/Illegally parked vehicle log (First Offense).  The decals are categorized as follows: White –Unit owner/Building employee, Red – rents the space, Yellow – second vehicle.  The second warning will be issued after 24 hours, if the vehicle is still parked illegally, and the tow away sticker will be placed under the driver side wiper blade.  An incident report will be filed along with request for tow away authorization.  No vehicles are to be towed without the approval of the the President or the Manager of the building.
  14. Move in/move outs by Unit Owners. Any Unit who directly or indirectly is engaged in moving-in or moving-out furniture before 8:00AM or after 4:00PM (weekday nights) or on a Saturday or Sunday, may be subject to fines.



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