Fun and Games at Aquarius – updated

Fun and Games at Aquarius – updated

November 2018

Some fun and healthy activities you could take part at Aquarius       

Yoga  Ping Pong  Pool  Zumba  Mahjong  Bridge  Gym

♦ Yoga: Tuesday and Friday at 1:00 o’clock. Questions?
M. Carolyn B. 914-819-8355  Chair and Regular Yoga. All levels participate. Bring you mat if you have one or just do it in the chair.


Ping Pong:
Ask these guys and join the fun:  Arkady C.  954-674-8754, Leo Blyumin 301-580-0663, Zhak Bluband 612-414-0601, Alfredo Herrera 786-553-3996.


Pool or Billiards:
These neighbors are frequent players. They could accept your invitation to play: Sam Lev 954-924-8071, Arkady Brodsky 954-925-2047, Michail A. 305-979-6059


Free Zumba:
The group is in organization phase. Please call to learn details: Nancy  Arman 954-923-4540,    Nuri Gupta  954-589-1426


♦  Mahjong:
Beginners and Veterans. All levels accepted and welcome. Talk to M. Carolyn B. 914-819-8355


♦ Bridge:
Sophia Geyfatsman is organizing a group of players: beginners and veterans. Interested? Call Sophia (267) 259-7139


♦ Gym:
Sometimes you need some guidance to use the Gym exercise equipment. Many early mornings Orlando Herrera and Ines Felipe 786–326-6056 are in the Gym working out. They are experts and they may be able to provide you with some valuable hints.


Sometimes a gift is much more than a gift.  Happy Holidays everyone!

watch now

Yeah, sometimes the eyes do get wet…





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